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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Yesterday was a sad day in our home

We took Saenz for his allergy testing, he was poked with 70 needles and reacted to 20 of the allergens.  I was worried and my suspicions were correct.  He is allergic to cats.  So, when we got home.  We took Topsy and Turvey to Mrs. Walvers (Mrs. Lily's) place.

Man --- not only does this suck for Saenz and the cats but, all of us.

No more cat butt, in my face during a electrical storm................No more hand chases on the bannister.  No more belly rubs, cat darts, cat fart machine guns, chasing wet canned food through the house, rides in tonka trucks....................I could not sleep well last night listening for Topsy's good night howls.  No tubby Turvy, jumping up to greet me when the alarm went off; she always presented her fat tummy by putting her front paws on the wall. LOL

And, we will be removing carpet this weekend and installing some cheap stick on flooring, until mom and dad can agree on the type of wood flooring we want. After that, new mattresses and curtains.............



Jack & Jill said...

Oh, so sorry about the cat allergies! I am also allergic to cats, yet we have DC. She is not "adoptable", I guess I will suffer till one of us dies. Since we pulled the carpet off the floors, I see a big improvement in my itchy eyes and runny nose. Is amazing how much is in your carpet, I see by what is on the flooring daily, what was gathering in my old carpeting. Scary!

I feel bad for the kids. #3 son had allergies, only to the usual house stuff and we had to rip up all the carpets and throw out all the house plants and run the A/C even when we didn't need to - this is long ago, I don't remember even seeing air cleaners back then. Every speck of dust had to go!

Nekkid Chicken said...

Yeah Jill it bites, I miss my fur balls............