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Friday, January 15, 2010

Flommoxed: Pat Robertson and Rush

Really are these two so insensitive as to believe an occurence in the natural world is a biblical plague brought upon Haitians by a venegeful Christian God?  ( I suppose Mr. Robertson forgot about the promise our Creator made after the flood.)

On to Rush, though sometimes I can agree and understand your thinking.  You Sir, are too deplorable.  Nor is our President is trying to buy the vote for re-election by sending aide to a country who lives in abject poverty where one in eight children die before reaching age five. 

Mr. Obama is not sending aide to Haiti because he is garnering the 'black populace' or liberal approval ratings.  I am thinking here Rush, you do not remember Haiti's role in bolstering the growth of the Americas.

Anyway for a snippet of Mr. Robertson.


1973paul said...

nothing like a religious muppet talking out of the hole that should be used to empty his bowels, well unless that is what he is doing

now as for the other muppet, was he high?

Nekkid Chicken said...

MUPPETTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT usually do have something up their bum. LOL

1973paul said...

most of the time its their heads
The Muppetd

Kook said...

Robertson is always trying to prove the credibility of his religion by saying things that could not ever be credible. He's always done that. Crazy talk by a crazy person!