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Friday, May 20, 2011

Can You See Me Now? Lasik Day, Garden Bounty

My Bush Baby look for last exam.
Let me begin by saying; I am a very blessed woman. Thanks to my hubby for driving me to have my lasik done. While I am currently doing this entry through protective shields and dark terminator glasses; I am happy. We arrived early and sat down with the boys to do some school work in the waiting room.

I snapped this one of myself right before I went into the surgurical suite.  Good Grief, I am middle aged; look at that double chin plus numbing eye drops doesn't help the ensemble either. LOL
What my hubby, boys, and other patients were able see in the lobby.  What I was able to see was blur and orange shiny lights.  I also got the pleasure of feeling the pressure as the doctor put some type of retractor into my eye socket.... YUM YUM are you sick yet? 
About this time, the laser started to do its job and I was treated to the smell smiliar to burning hair, the sound of a tazer being fired, and just some tugging as the flap was made. 
 Then the process was over in less than 20 seconds on my right eye; which was corrected for distance vision. So next my left, which was corrected for near sighted vision: 17 seconds. 
Then after I was done, I was led into a waiting area for a final check.  The girl Megan that went after me was super scared and I just talked to her so she could calm down some.  I felt bad for her because she was so nervous.  Strange how I was not nervous nor scared.  I followed the doctor's instructions while sitting in the chair.  Less than 30 mins; I was out the door and in the back seat with my Cubby Bear.
 About this time, the only real discomfort began.  My left eye started burning like I had been poked with a hot stick but, I kept putting drops in to keep my eyes moist; only a few sharp pains but nothing to freak out my boys or let my hubby know about. 
I just feel so damnably sexy here----SIT BACK AND KISSED MY SELF!  
Cubby Bear wore his shades to match both his parents and rubbed my hand out of sympathy.  At this point he must have seen my eyes tearing.  I just love my little man.
Fresh turnips and two types of squash.  Can't believe how big our veggies are turning out.  
Now 7 hours after surgery, I am resting with my protective shields and dark glasses still.  Drops every so often for irritation and of course antibiotic drops as well.  Tomorrow, I have a follow up exam to check my healing process.  Let me tell you, I can SEE.  Strange but I can see leaves on the trees, roadsigns and such even through all my safety gear.  Can't wait to see what my new 'eyes' encounter tomorrow.

Will keep ya'll posted and please forgive any misspellings.


Kids and Canning Jars said...

I am telling you those are some dang HOT photo's of you!!!! You are lucky. I would love to do eye stuff but I am to blind in one eye so they will not touch the other one.
Good luck seeing more.

Janet said...

Sounds like it was well worth the discomfort ! bit squimish with the photo`s - sorry not good with eyes !
Veg looks yummy ! take care not to over do it x

Greg said...

I would love to have this done some day,hope the pain stops quickly

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

Mine was called cataract surgery but I suppose it's the same type of surgery. One eye took longer to heal than the other one, but wasn't too bad. Sure wish they'd done both my eyes in the same day, I had to do mine a month apart.

floweringmama said...

How cool! I've been in glasses since 1984 . . . yikes! I can't imagine being able to wake up in the morning and see - well... see anything! Both my little ones are in glasses but the Dr. seems to think that by the time they're old enough for lasik, their vision will be too far gone :-(

Nekkid Chicken said...

Hey Thanks Melissa, for the compliments. I was not feeling so HAWT. LOL

Thanks Janet, to the contrary I've been behaving myself this week.

Greg, It was just a burning sensation and quickly subsided withe eye drops. AND LOTS OF THEM! :O)

Dang, Joanna

I would not have liked going on two different days. Bless your heart.

Awe Flowering, I hope the lasik gets opened up to more people. They told me there, they can do up to 20/800 so; perhaps your little ones will benefit by time they are 18. )))HUGS(((

Take care all!
Blessings and Hugs,