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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Occupy Wall Street: My Thoughts

Okay probably the folks who read my posts know how I feel about the bias of the BIG FIVE media: Fox News, HLN, CNN, MSNBC, and ABC.  Depending on which pundit you happened to be watching for a glimmer of real news determines the slant of the owner of the corporation. 

What churns my butter and keeps me up at night is this:

We the psuedo middle class, working poor, and indigent have been set up to believe that one day if we bust our proverbial balls; we can become rich through education, 60 hr work weeks, and devotion to our corporate leaders.  This is just not true. 

While it is true -- a few folks find a path by Natural Selection in the modern age to become sucessful.  For the majority; our career paths are basic a system of lottery or chance.  It all boils down to luck, determination, good health, knowing the right persons, working for the decent boss, and prudent planning.  We as a whole are told to trust the markets and invest so; we can become wealthy upon retirement -- have you watched the markets?  This is just another way to bleed off hard earned wages from folks who are scrapping by --- take your monies and pay off your mortgages instead. Wall Street will not be there if the banks foreclose to find you another home.

Now the banks are another issue.  Did you know the Federal Reserve is not a government entity?  Nope, they are a firm of privately owned banks; who basically own America and many other countries.  These bankers decide the rate at which we can apply for credit and loans -- the pay back.  The Fed Reserve buys up banks; we owe the Federal Reserve our livelihood, our homes, cars, education, and a chance to play in the lottery of financial security.  There is no such thing anymore......

I support those folks who are voicing their angst through protesting and picketing.  While I could actually bitch slap both the reporter and twenty something female who said she would not take a job if a banker offered her one.  This type of reporting gives a horrible insight into what is actually happening.  People can not survive on the minimum wage (or 2+ jobs), part time jobs, pay student loans, mandated health care insurance, multiple taxes coming our way through the Cap & Trade, find a home, or buy groceries.  My family is at risk; part of the 99% club who are just one job loss away from losing what we have worked for since we were 16.  My husband and I have been raised to work since birth, and contribute to society, pay taxes, provide an education to our children, do charitable works, save for a rainy day, and live within our means. 

The sad thing is......this new American economy is built on a house of cards laid out by bankers.  Our financial system is made to glean as much from the working 99% with the promise of the LOTTERY of possible wealth.  Funny thing is, the lottery is a diversion and basic method of placating the masses by lulling us to believe a win will make us just like Warren Buffet (or nearly). 

This too is a myth just like the myth of the American middle class.

To find out more about the people who are supporting the Occupy Wall Street or to add your voice:


For more information check out Free Speech TV, Link, Current, Democracy Now.

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Sharon said...

DH has his retirement money in the market, I get sick every time it hiccups. He thinks it's great and sloughs it off when his stuff takes a dive. Sigh....

Nekkid Chicken said...

Sharon, I find the whole Wall Street toxic. Sure money is made but, even more is loss by the folks who can least afford it.


Lana at www.FarmLifeLessons.blogspot.com said...

In my grandmother's day, there was a thing called company loyalty and employee loyalty...these days, no one is loyal because that would require a company to invest in their employees on a serious level and for employees to be dedicated to their employer, knowing they will do the right thing. I think my grandparents called "getting rich" a life of simply owning your home and a car with groceries in the cupboards. Now, everyone wants to retire with millions and it's a far-fetched dream, especially when people are simply trying to keep a roof over their head.

I'm a firm believer that we should have invested in America's infrastructure...I can't even express my deep concern over how concerned I am that this part of life is so blatantly ignored until disasters hit. I don't believe our President has handled things very well and he thought he'd waltz in there and "change" things for the better by introducing those 100 legislative signings in 100 days...a glorified far-removed mindset that only brought a massive price tag for us Americans that is staggering. Setting "records" is not impressive unless it is beneficial. Anyone can run in circles in record time, but they sure won't get anywhere fast. It is downright depressing.



I think it's great there are protests- even if it's mostly union sponsored.

As to bankers, they get the slaps on the back when we're riding high, and get cursed when things aren't. Easy targets, I suppose.

I agree with the poster who notes we aren't content anymore with a good job, a house... but we all have to be materially enriched. If not, it's got to be someones fault- never our own.

Let's face it, we live in the age of entitlement- not the age of hard work. My take on these people is that they want everything given to them. They march and think, "oh hell, life stinks. It's everyone's fault except mine". Well, I have news for them...

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