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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Come On Over, Don!

You know your drought is bad when you actually pray for a tropical storm to enter the Gulf. 

So what have ya'll been up to?  Same ole, same ole around here just living life in the routine we cut for ourselves.  Seriously, I believe we need a vacation.  However, at this time of uncertainity we just can not afford such a luxury.  I have been doing piddling things to keep my mind occupied like: spending time with our boys, taking care of the house and critters, reading as much as I can get away with, and watching the news.  Here are some casual observations:

Netflix price change; really there are folks upset over this?  Amazes me because I find the company to offer an amazing deal.  For giggles I kept track of the movies in and out for a month and have found we average around 20 movies (documentaries, cartoons, shows) a month.  At or under $1 each, Netflix is a bargin that can not be beat at all.  Their streaming service does not work for us because we do not have DSL service out here but, have to rely on satellite and the buffering drives me insane. Folks come to terms; Netflix is pretty darn awesome in my opinion; if you don't like the changes just move onto another service.

And I do know about Redbox, but their service is cost prohibitive if you add a 30 mile roundtrip to check out a $1 a nite rental after adding gas, wear and tear, and my time.  I think Netflix is actually losing money with us because of shipping and our volume of rentals.  Sssssssh don't tell. LOL

The drought has killed everything around here.  I am surprised ranchers can afford to keep any cattle at all.  There is no hay to speak of; and to have to buy grain to feed them; my wager watch beef prices continue to rise.  I am thinking we will have to wait until mid September to plant a second garden.  Really we are just one big ole fuse awaiting some careless person to toss a cigarette and the whole state will go up in flames.

'Big Rich, Texas' on Style Network.  Lets talk about taking out the garbage here.  Sad sad reality show with all the earmarks of Jersey Shore but, without the class. (LMFBOH) I was up one night and could not sleep only to happen upon this mess.  As someone who has spent most of their adult life in Texas; I am ashamed for the producers to be portraying such ilk to the American public that in no way resembles a real person in the State.  Really, does the public believe the 'RICH' would have the compunction to be a part of such nonsense? Hopefully this will just go the way of other ill fated reality shows......on the cutting room floor.

Dear commenter, IIL please know that I can not comment back to you.  I am guessing BLOGSPOT is again having troubles.  Sometimes I really think they need to work on their servers during the middle of the night. Too many glitches for my attention span.  Thanks for all your comments though, I do appreciate it. 

Now I am off to read some of ya'll.  I do have to try and convice my little snaggle toothed Cubby Bear to do a rain dance to bring Tropical Storm closer.  Just what are ya'll up to?????


Kids and Canning Jars said...

Thanks for your thoughts. I think the stome would benifit us very well. We are South of Houston. So we are dry dry too.
Thanks girly!

Nekkid Chicken said...

Hey Missy, Just poking about. We need rain and sorely. Everything is crunchy outside. :O) Mal

Sharon said...

Hot and miserable here, the forecasts just look the same from week to week with a smattering of 20-23% chance of rain thrown in.

Never heard of that Texas Rich show... must be real late at night or very local.

I have the tv on, but don't watch anything much. Pretty much putter around.

Glad to see you're better, I hope your husband is too!

Yay, you found me! I hope you like it.

Jobul Tau Profitabil said...

This is great!

Texan said...

I saw about 2 minutes of that show and said to honeyman oh good grief so now Texas will be known for this crap?

Several of our neighbors have in fact sold off their cattle.

I looked at the weather forecast this morning. We are facing 108 and 109 actual temps this week. Its gonna be wicked girly. Still no rain sighhhh..

So far I have kept our fruit trees a live we put in this spring. I have the water bill to show for it!

But the good news is, fall is coming! We just have to hang tight a couple more months!

Jim said...

Good to 'see'you again Mal! Thanks for the update.....same here just doin' this and that and stayin' out of trouble!

Diane said...

I agree with your comments about Netflix. I love Netflix and feel it is an excellent deal. We use both dvd and streaming.

Nekkid Chicken said...

LOL -23% NOW THAT is new way of doing the weather Mrs. Sharon.

Nice to meet ya, Jobul!

In a couple more months, I will be totally parched Texan. The whole state needs some relief. Can't believe how many over 100+ days we have had lately.

Jim, We are staying indoors as much as possible. Way too hawt outside. Thanks for stopping by.

Thanks Diane, We love Netflix for documentaries. We watch more documentaries than anything else I believe.