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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Say A Little Prayer; We Owe Banjo So Much

 This morning, I was awakened to the yelps and cries of Banjo.  So I rushed to the window only to see him racing across the backyard.  I could see a pink stain on his shoulder from the upstairs window.  I went to check on him only to find him kinda dazed, the wound was fresh and barely bleeding. 

 I ran back up stairs because I knew I had to get both boys up and rush him to the vet's office.  Saenz popped up right away as did Zephyr.  Saenz got Banjo's kennel while I dressed and brought down a towel.  I managed to get Banjo inside the kennel without being bitten; mind you I would not have minded because I know he was in a lot of pain.  This looks like he ripped his back open on some wire.  We will search the yard later when hubby is home.
Right now Banjo is being taken care of at the South Texas Animal Hospital by Jerica.  I was just a almost 'weepy' mess as I watched her exam him after administering some pain meds. His yelps of pain just about ripped my heart out just like when I had to take one of my own babies to the ER to be seen. He looks just awful.  He is in surgery now and though it looks like a superficial wound; I am worried to pieces.  He is such a wonder pet with a warrior's heart.  We  owe this little 7 lbs of love so much for saving us from two rattlers and other danger lurking on our property.  If ya'll don't mind please say a little prayer because we need our pet back healthy and happy.   

BANJO we all love you so much!
 On to another major event (rite of passage), Zephyr lost his first tooth with another one to soon join last night. I am so proud of him; he did not get upset over the blood and came to tell us the news.  He is such a big boy with no panic in his heart over such a milestone.
 Do you see the second one between his top two?
Zephyr found a hand-written under his pillow a 'Thank You' note from Tooth Fairy Jennifer on the outside of an envelop with this surprised tucked inside.

So Gentle Readers, please have a nice day as we wait and say prayers for our little Banjo; he is in good hands.


Sharon said...

Oh, so sorry for Banjo, I hope you find the wire or whatever so it doesn't happen again. I know what you mean... our pets are like our kids and we feel for them the same.

OMG, $10, inflation has really gone up! Did you save the tooth? I have a tiny jewelry bag with most of my youngest's baby teeth. (Yes, I suppose it's a bit strange, but I am sentimental)

Nekkid Chicken said...

Sharon, I know he is out of surgery. I am awaiting a call from the vet to tell us what she thought happened. INFLATION? Nope, just Mom and Dad did not have anything smaller in our wallets. LOL We told Zephyr his tooth fairy must have really loved his first tooth because she normally only gives a quarter. I have saved Saenz's too in a little bag and will do the same for Zephyr.

Still I am a nervous wreck!
Thanks for commenting,

Melodie said...

There is nothing cuter than that snaggled tooth smile! Poor Banjo,,,I hope he makes a speedy recovery!

troubadore9 said...

As you well know I hate to see any animal injured but when dogs live outside they are subject to different laws of living.Small dogs are easy prey for larger animals such as raccoons,haws,eagles and other dogs.

Perhaps Banjo can now be an inside dog and be under supervision when he is outside.

I had a good friend that lived in a semi country setting.He had a small poodle and I warned him of the probability of his dog being carried off by eagles or killed by coyotes.

MY friend heard the whelp and ran tot he window to see his little pal being carried aloft by an eagle.That poor dog's death was preventable.

Let's hope that no complications hinder little Banjo's recovery.

floweringmama said...

Awww that snaggle tooth smile is just too cute. I sure hope Banjo heals quickly. I'm' so glad that you were home to get him to the vet.

Texan said...

Oh girly... man I am so really hoping Banjo pulls through just fine!!! Bless his little heart. Wonder what he got into to get such a wound? Oh these pups will worry us to death no doubt, but they are such good friends and family members...

I will be sure to sends lots of good thoughts to that little guy!

Loosing your teeth and the fairy.. oh yes.. boy 10 bucks! LOL thats quite the pay day on a tooth :O)

Cesar Crash said...

Yesterday a pitbull catched a lil' mutt next here too. I knew it a few minutes ago. Hope them both get well soon...

Susie Rosso Wolf said...

So sorry to hear about little Banjo and pray he is doing better now and on the mend. I'll drop by for an update! Hope you can drop by the prairie to say howdy, follow and maybe leave a comment. I stumbled onto your site by accident but I"m glad I did.

Susie Rosso Wolf

Kiki said...

Banjo is a tough cookie. I wonder what happened?