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Monday, July 11, 2011

On The Mend, So Many Blessings

Friday, Vet Jerica called to tell us we could pick up Banjo.  He is on the mend but, very sore.  Here he is looking at me just begging a bit to be picked up and babied.  Of course, I have no problem with his request. 
 You can see the puncture wounds/bit marks on his back and shoulder where the Rott snapped on to him.  Sixty stitches, 4 drain tubes, lots of bruising, 5 types of medication -- he has been my shadow since he got home.
Banjo spent two days riding the couch learning how to be a recuperating couch potato. Both boys and I swear he was watching the Nat Geo programming on 'Deadliest Predators;' probably wondering if he would see the female rott that took offense to his presence.  Banjo has slept next to me since his return from the vet pushing right up next to me for security.  I just feel so bad for the little guy.  He is such a wonderful member of our family; we would be lost without him.  By Sunday, he was starting to play with Saenz and Zephyr a bit following them around and slapping at him with his front paws.  

This morning before it got too hot; Banjo and I sat outside in the shade.  He so wanted to go with me to let out the chickens and feed the goats but, I left him in the yard.  I just can not take the chance of one of them pecking his back wounds.  What I find amazing is; he still loves the feel of the morning sun on his face and just sat on a knoll in our yard sun-bathing.  He hold no grudges and is still just a loving baby. 

Hopefully tomorrow or Wednesday he can get those drains removed.  I can tell you one thing; Banjo hates the smell and taste of those 'nasty' antiboditics given to him.  LOL It is a struggle for me to get him to take his meds just like our boys.

School is out for us until he mends.

Thanks for all your well wishes and kind comments.

Will keep ya'll posted on his progress..........

Off to ride the couch with Banjo!


Cesar Crash said...

Sixty stitches, oh God! Poor Banjo...
But it's too good to see him getting well, Deus abençoe!

Vickie said...

Oh my goodness - Poor Banjo! He's one lucky little pooch - lucky to be alive. I hope he heals well and gets back to his ole self. We can't do without our family pets!

Nekkid Chicken said...

Awe Thanks Cesar! I am so happy he is mending well myself. I love my little fur ball so much. He adds so much to our lives. Thanks for commenting.

Hey Vickie, Did you decide on the types of chickens you are going to raise. Thanks for commenting. I believe Banjo has the spirit of a warrior. He is such an awesome little guy.

Is anyone else having issues with Blogger? Now I can not see the 'Followers' List for updating. Just wondering.

I am going to catch up reading today. Off line for two days and my Inbox is stuffed full.

Sharon said...

Ouch and ouch! Poor Banjo, I hope he heals quickly and gets no infections.

What have the neighbors done with that dog?

Followers thing is missing on mine too, Blogger is just having a field day with out nerves lately!

Nekkid Chicken said...

Sharon, They put up a fence and keep her chained up. I have no idea what they are going to do with her. I just don't understand why the dog was free in the first place. Hubby has told them, next time she will meet with a bullet in our yard. I hope he doesn't get an infection either. Trying to get him to take his meds is a real pain. TRICKERY or FORCE is the only way; I am getting the meds down his throat.

Blogger is having issues to be sure. My friend Kat can still not comment on any blogs. So I've no idea.......

Barbara said...

Not sure if you will get this post cause I have been having problems and not able to post anywhere.

OH MY!!! Poor Banjo, I am so sorry for him. Hope he heals quickly.

tuktuk said...
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tuktuk said...

In my previous comment, I mispelled his name. Sorry Banjo!

Get well soon Banjo! God bless you.

Texan said...

Another persons dog did this? A Rotty? Poor little Banjo.. I hope he will be okay... That is awful looking.

I sure hope these people are paying Banjos Vet bills not that that will make it okay. But they certainly should be!

Melodie said...

Hoping for Banjo to have a speedy recovery!

Jim said...

Poor little fella! What a shame and he looks so brave.
Sophie sends him a big lick for a speedy recovery!