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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Playing Chicken....No I Don't Mean The Useful Kind

I am personally sick of our elected leaders playing chicken.  I wrote the following and put it into draft around 2 months ago:

"Balance our national budget?  Seems like our Legislative and Executive Branch are just postering over who's ideals will get met in order, to raise the debt ceiling.

 I am wondering what would the everyday American would do?

Mind you 'certain' promises have been made like  Social Security, Medicare, Medi-aid, Military Retirements, Veterans Affairs and a plethora of other programs so, those will have to be dealt with first. Mind you working class Americans have paid into social security for decades only to be threatened with it becoming unfunded. Social Security funds has been used for other programs by Presidents nearly since inception for programs like war or military interventions etc.  

I am more than willing to give more for our health insurance and forego Cost Of Living Allowances (COLA) for my monthly retirement checks because we need to raise monies to refill our national coffers.   However, our play-acting legislators will keep our mothers and fathers from possibly getting paid their 'fixed income retirement'  by not taking care of business.  Since, the House seen a gain tilted to the Republican side; the American budget has been in peril because not one budget has been passed on time. 

Think about that; what would happen to your household if you chose to ignore meeting your financial obligations for over 2 years?

What the common American may not be aware of;

If America defaults this could set the scene for the world not using the DOLLAR as the world currency.  Does that cause anyone passing here concern?  It should because once a new World Currency replaces the US dollar; America will find many things will raise in cost like: fuel, food, electricity, interest rate increases and so on.  For example: have you ever wondered why the cost of a barrel oil is reported in dollars? Because all countries but, the United States have to first convert their currency into dollars before purchasing oil for themselves. 

However, if our government cancels or defaults this will effect nearly all aspects of the US marketplace because the US dollar will lose even more of it's value. 

What stokes my internal fires is knowing all this posturing is for naught; meaning the debt ceiling will have to be raised.  As it stands, China owns approximately 10% of our national debt.  Can you imagine what would happen if we do not repay what we owe?  Like Greece, will we have to lease out our national treasures or simply list them on eBay?

Since, Mr. Obama has taken office the debt has risen from 10.6 to 14.5 trillion dollars; I firmly believe this has not all be due to enacting the Healthcare but, finally proper accounting for wars on three fronts are being actually accounted for in the public arena.  That should not surprise anyone because we as a country are embedded either on actual foreign soil or using technology to 'attack' other nations under guise of protecting us from terrorism -- think drone attacks here. 

What chaps my hide is; America used to be the most stable economy in the world.  We were the free-thinkers, innovators, scholars, and favored the pursuit of life, liberty, and freedom.  Now, sadly I am believing we are becoming sheeple too busy with our heads down to not hold some fire to the azzez of those we appointed to lead.  Your thoughts????, (written May 12th saved into drafts.)

All I know is; if I had not have completed my duty.  I could have been brought up on charges of dereliction, been demoted, charged a fine, separated and/or sent to military jail.  Where is the justice for the American Public?

Update on family issues:

Hubby has been home since Tuesday with pnuemonia -- I hate it when my menfolk are ill.  I need to have corrective surgery on my lasik'ed eyes since, I can not see properly for typing, blogging, teaching, and just plain reading has been a chore.  I personally called for a break in our school days so; I would not have to do much reading.  Just don't tell my boys they think they are on summer vacation.

Banjo went back to the vet and will have to keep his stitches, drains, and cone of shame for another week.  Poor little guy; just don't feel sorry for him.  He spends his days with me and has taken up the habit of trying even to go to the restroom with me.  I am so not liking that neediness at all.
 Here he is with Saenz trying out some ear phones.  Banjo likes Nickelback.
 What a cutie even with the 'cone of shame', eh?
For the love of my sanity please send some rain.
PS: Forgive any typos, or grammactical errors. Hee Hee!


Sharon said...

Hmm... sorry 'bout the eyes, I can't see close, I can't see far away, but if everybody would stay 2-8' away from me - perfect!

Banjo is going to be a different dog since his attack. I hope he heals soon. Jill likes to come into the bathroom with me - she's needy too...

I hope your Hubby is getting better, I think pneumonia is the summertime is the worst!

Those idiots better get their acts together, if we go off dollars, all that's left is to push the flusher handle.

Texan said...

Girly I am sorry to hear about your eyes and that your DH is sick!
Hope you both get back 100% quickly.

Yes this mess the USA is in now. Well its just the pits!

Funny to me if you work for a company and you do this poor of a job you loose your job. We just can't seem to get these bums out. I am pretty sure there is a reason for that but you know me I see a booger behind every door these days LOL.

Vickie said...

Good post, girl. I feel the same, and at the same time, so helpless to do anything.

Sorry your hubby is sick. This weather has been crazy stinkin' hot this year. I think it's got lotsa folks messed up.

My chihuahua comes to the bathroom with me, too. She even rears up on my knees... TMI

Later - ;)

John Gray said...

bloody hell..... that heat would KILL ME

Nekkid Chicken said...

HEY Sharon, I only have a few more weeks I think to put up with the eyesight. I guess it takes awhile to settle down. Hubby got rid of his crud by giving it to me and our boys. GEESH what a summer.

Texan, I knew we were in trouble as a country when 60+ Tea Party Republicans were elected. I knew they were going to dig in their heels and not compromise. 1 billion is a drop in the buckets when dealing with a 15 Trillion dollar deficit. I just hope someone with common sense figures that out soon.

VICKIE, LOL how can you stand to go with such an audience? I just can't do it. Hee heee so funny..

John, We have actually hit 116, no joke. Praying for a Tropical Storm seems the only hope now.

Smooches All!