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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Eugene & Emily: A Match Made for Texas Heaven

If wishes came true; Tropical Storms Eugene and Emily would park their amorous hineys atop the Texas drought stricken areas for about 72 hours and make serious thunderstorm babies. 

 However, I know this is just a dream.  By 10 a.m. we are forced inside to ride out the day.  Though we do check on our critters to ensure they are not baked by the heat wave.  Seriously, just walking to the mail box can cause heat stroke. Our new normal temp by 5 p.m. is or on 114; seriously dangerous heat.
I know this is a little late but, Zephyr is now an official Snaggle Toothed-Cubby Bear.  Just marking milestones and incredible rites of passage here on the farm.
Don't forget tonight begins the new season of 'Billy the Exterminator.' Billy started out with Mike Rowe on a Dirty Jobs episode and eventually A&E gave them their own show.  The boys and I love this show because we learn about animals / critters most folks consider pests.  Really, those critters are pests inside homes thus the need for exterminators.  The shows that make our skin crawl the worst are cock roach (insect) infestations.  YIKES!

So what are ya'll doing to beat the heat?  I hate cooking in this weather so; we are having lots of tortilla roll-ups (wraps) and other kinds of no cooking fare. 


Lana at www.FarmLifeLessons.blogspot.com said...

I'm with you. I'm a Texan and this heat definitely gives us a 10:00 am mark to head indoors. This morning, my niece wanted to stay outside a bit longer, but by 10am, I was melting and there is no witch in me...well, my husband might disagree on an infrequent occasion.

We COULD use a little tropical depression, seriously. It could sit on us for a bit...just enough to saturate, yet not flood. I'm picky like that. haha.


Vickie said...

We're doing sandwiches and salads. This is terrible. We're just staying inside as much as possible. Just watering a little at night and in the wee hours of the morning trying to keep some of our young trees alive. Forget the dry crunchy grass. Stay safe -

Love that grin.

Sharon said...

Waiting for rain, gets one's feet itching to do a rain dance, but the heat would fry you first!

Clouds come, dark and ominous, and........ nothing, they just float on by!

So here I sit in the A/C waiting for this bedeviling heat and drought to stop.

Texan said...

Well I feel better now, we only hit 109 today, geesh we are having a cold front compared to you!

I so wish we could just get some rain, poor plants are getting a double whammy, no rain and horrible heat. Even the giant trees here are wilted.

Anonymous said...

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RiverBend Farm said...

The heat here in Texas is horrible! I'm watering down all the animals periodically during the day. I've never seen anything like this. We're spending the majority of our time indoors, in the dark, hoping we don't have a brown-out. We're asked to conserve energy..just hope everyone is doing their part.
Stay cool,
Berte in Texas

IMTTAWEN said...



Greg said...

I really hope you get some rain soon!

Nekkid Chicken said...

Still no rain ladies and gents; we are essentially baking in this TEXAN oven from hades. LOL