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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Steve Israel DCCC Chairman Had No Reply

Yesterday, I recieved this email solictation from the DCCC asking for a donation to help re-elect President Obama.

"From: "Rep. Steve Israel, DCCC Chairman"

To: Malissa T saenznzephyr@xxx.xxx
Sent: Tuesday, August 9, 2011 11:19 AM

Subject: Tea Party Downgrade

Malissa --

When the Tea Party tells House Republicans to jump — the only question House Republicans ask is “How high?”

First, Speaker Boehner, Majority Leader Cantor, and the rest of the House GOP allowed the Tea Party to bring us to the brink of a catastrophic default. Now those very same extremists are trying to pin the blame on President Obama for our nation’s first ever credit downgrade.

We can’t let them get away it.

We just launched our “Accountability August” campaign to hold Republicans accountable for their extreme agenda while they are home in their districts. We’re putting Republicans on the defensive across the country but we must raise an additional $100,000 to fully fund our Rapid Response operation for next week.

Please contribute $20 or more to our Rapid Response Fund right now, and help us reach our $100,000 goal by tomorrow night.

It’s critical we stand strong and united against Republicans’ all-out assault on Democrats and President Obama.

Your dollars will be put to work immediately to hold them accountable. Our August Accountability campaign includes radio ads, billboards, phone banks, door-to-door canvasses, and grassroots organizing in key Republican districts across the country.

Stand with President Obama, and help us fight back and hold Republicans accountable while they’re home in their districts by contributing $20 or more today.

Rep. Steve Israel
DCCC Chairman"


My Reply back to Mr. Israel surprisingly I have gotten no response in return. (sarcastic hope here)

"Sorry, we no longer have any discretionary funds to support either party. Since we are a family that depends on a military retirement check (mine, 20 yr AF, SAHM homeschooling mother) and husband's a current government employee (who may be terminated) to live and pay our bills. Personally sick of both parties and not one person to include President Obama who will share in the blame though this fiscal mess has been happening for over 30 years. So good luck in raising monies from people who are living on rice and beans, white bread bologna sandwiches, and iced tea instead of 30K+ plates for a birthday dinner.

Sorely-Pissed Off Voter
M Torres"
The sad thing is;
I know no one in my community that is any better off by electing our government officials in 2008 and 2010.
Not one of our leaders has inspired HOPE or CHANGE other than the need to go without and the constant threat of economic ruin. 
Washington leaders do not care about the people they represent anymore because frankly they don't have to -- since folks continue to vote them into office. 
I have a hard time believing in a system that gerry-manders to keep seats, ear-marks funding for their districts, accepts special interest funding, wants to get rid of labor unions, says 'we will read the bill after it's law and then gets an exemption (Obama-care) for their state,' and threatens to not pay for "ENTITLEMENTS" that have been rightly earned by serving our country, paying into medicare and social security for decades. 
Somethings I would like to see though:
Popular vote of US citizens on Congressional Pay, Benefits, Vacation Time, and Health Care tied to their job performance based annually.  I don't believe they should automatically earn those hefty salaries.
Recall rights for all  Senators and Representatives.
A balanced budget agreement.
No funding for re-election by special interest groups or  corporations.
Term limits on: congressional leaders, welfare and other social programs, drug testing for all of the above.
Jail time for congressional leaders who do not honor their oath of office much like the UCMJ.
Then again I am just a middle-aged mother who has two sons to raise and educate in this lopsided country.  I am fearful for their future and the future of our three older children who are struggling to make ends meet.  I am worried for my husband's career and lack of job availability if he gets laid off from a government workforce he has faithfully served the US for 22 years.
I see so much disparity in this country and want to know just what the working poor is supposed to do to survive?  I don't even have to leave my house just look across our property line to our neighbors plight and struggle.  No one is safe from the bread line and lack of basic human needs are no longer attainable for many.
So what do ya'll think?


Sharon said...

You've pretty much said it all, Mal. I think nothing short of a bomb going off when they are all in attendance will get rid of these deplorable idiots that are taking a free ride at our expense.

Cesar Crash said...

American politicians seem to be like caricatures for me. Oh yeah, they really do! It's only the republicans and the democrats, it's unthinkable for us in Brazil. We have lot's of democratics party, plus the fascists, communists, progressists, ecologists...

Cesar Crash said...

And in the end, they're all the same!

Texan said...

Good for you sending that letter back!

I agree the fact that they talk of not paying US citizens when we paid in all those funds to have SS etc. That just makes my blood boil. How can they even say that knowing some little old person is barely living off their SS. Good grief how do they look themselves in the mirror. While they would all still get their big fat checks and bennies. That all needs to stop.