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Friday, August 26, 2011

Hurricane Irene Impending

For those on the East coast; we have been watching to see if she is coming near.  Just remember Hurricane Katrina came ashore as a Cat 2 in 2005; 1800 souls were lost that omnious day and during the recovery so, please evacuate if your area is under mandatory notices. If the military is moving aircraft and ships please note: it's a good idea for you to take leave too.  Also, more folks die as the result of the storm surge than those of strong winds.  We are keeping ya'll in our prayers for safety.

We are also keeping watch on the next possible storm which will be named after a male; I think it will be Jose or Juan.  Did you know storm names are only retired if there has been a major impact but, may be brought back?  Here is a list of retired Atlantic storm names, year landed, and area affected.

Keeping ya'll in our thoughts and prayers.


Sharon said...

It does not look good. Yep, pack your brooms and get out of harms way. This one looks bad, I just hope everyone takes care to be safe!

Rooster613 said...

Sunday AM: It has been downgraded to category 1 but still looks bad for NYC. Would you believe there are ALREADY people criticizing FEMA and Obama for "exagerating" the danger? SHEESH! Some people will c omplain about anything. Better safe than sorry. As the boy Scout motto tells us, "BE PREPARED!" Better to get ready for a disaster that is less than expected, rather than get caught unprepared in the unexpected. Nine lives have been lost already in Irene, so it is definitely dangerous. My prayers are with everyone on the East Coast.

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