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Thursday, September 15, 2011

So I Took A Break

I don't know about ya'll sometimes life just gets in the way of things like posting blogs.  I needed a break and took one.  This has not stopped me from however, watching world events and shaking my head. 

Watching the news on Hurricanes Irene and Lee; I have decided people will always be vulnerable since, they do not believe in the power of science to forecast such events accurately.  I saw on group of men partying in WV on the day the bands from IRENE were going though; one of them MOONED the cameraman of the Weather Channel. 

Is it shocking; yes because common sense has been replaced by out right stupidity.  Please Weather Channel, stop giving a Category before said storm makes landfall.  I believe people are so arrogant to believe a Cat 1 is not so bad.  Sadly those in the North East now know much better.

Next, the economy is still a mess and think it will be for a LONG time after watching the Republican and TEA party debates.  Why does the  GOP believe they know what is good for Americans who; 1 in 6 live in poverty?  Our leaders are so far removed from the reality of daily life they believe tax breaks for corporations will bring forth more jobs. To me this is just silly.  I have a hard time believing Mr. Obama caved but, he did to bring forth Obamacare.  I don't know what the answer is yet, feel spending billions overseas is not putting food on the table for those who barely squeak by or living in homes about to be foreclosed.

I have also taken to watching more of my news on Link and Currentv because I am basically tired of the commericalization of the American press.  Not counting all the control big corporations have over what Americans are being spoonfed by MSNBC, NBC, ABC, FOX and Headline news.  So, I have discussions with Saenz all the time about questioning what he sees on television and to think out side the proverbial media box.

The month since Banjo was killed has been rough one on me.  I have not gone outside much because him not being there just breaks my heart. I constantly look for him outside and miss him biting my fingers or trying to snatch the mail from my hands. Soon, we will be given two pups from his mother.  Banjo was such a wonderful pet; I hope the new arrivals get here; yesterday. 

The week of 9/11; I spent on reflection thinking about my country and the loss of all those souls.  Such pain and sorrow, one day I hope we can afford to make the trip back to New York to pay our respects as we did in 2005. 

Farm news, we have been drawing down on the amount of animals we house here.  Because frankly, the cost of keeping them is just not sustainable and the drought makes it impossible to grow any support feed.  We can not water as much as a garden or grain will require to produce.  The temperatures have been over 100 (40c) since mid-March with only 4 slightly rainy days leaving us with a water fall deficit over 16 inches for the year. 

I am happy to be home schooling our boys.  Saenz and Zephyr love being at home and we cover almost every subject under the sun but, have a daily emphasis on math, science, social studies, reading, and whatever their hearts' desire to learn.  What is the best; knowing their school day is not 12 hours or more with a bus ride to include homework. 

Tomorrow makes the day; I made one of the best decisions of my life by marrying.  Fifteen years ago, we tied the knot at the court house in Poth, Texas.  So happy anniversary to the hardest working man I know. 

Much love my Bean and thanks for giving me:
A home,
A life,
Reasons to live,
and for our
'Red Bean' and 'White Jalapeno.'

Peace to the world; in your little slices of heaven.


Sharon said...

Hi Ms Mal!

You have been keeping busy! You do realize I pray for rain for your area on a daily basis, gentle soaking rains.

When I do watch the news, I shake my head, those fools (and I use the term loosely) up on capital hill, should have to live the way so many do, and have to go to the food harvest bank - for just one week, maybe they would have an idea, that we don't all lead their charmed and devious lives.

I am not smart - I cannot see what the TEA party stands for - This Ends All? GOP is Gods Only Please?

I know how much you and the boys miss Banjo, I am glad that you are getting the boys companions again, life is hard enough, being a kid, let alone a kid without a dog.

We had a storm go through last night, not sure if actual rain fell, but we woke up to blustery and down right cool this morning. I believe autumn is arriving in Middle TN! I hope you get some cool soon... and rain!

Kids and Canning Jars said...

Welcome back. I enjoy your thoughts. We are needing rain here terribly. I just did a blog post on how dry it is at my house. I love home schooling also. We have much of the same thoughts I think.
Thank you for the update. Melissa

Cesar Crash said...

Y'know, I live in a country where 50% of national income are in the hands of the 1% richest of the population, while the poorest 50% live with only 10%. According to some statistics, 36% of the population lives in poverty. Anyway, I don't know how is living in a place where hurricanes and earthquakes can destroy everything you've got.
Last time we talked, my punk friend had just died. Now the brazilian news are talking 'bout another punk a nazi skinhead killed. I knew that guy too.
Fifteen years? Congratulations!
Peace 4 everyone!

Nekkid Chicken said...

Awe, Thanks Mrs. Sharon! TEA stands for Taxed Enough Already. Yes, I am too believing the politicans should get what a family of four needs to stay $36 above the poverty line as their annual salary for working only 180 for the American people.

Yes, we miss Banjo horribly. We found out the pups and the mum had to be put down for rabies. What a mess eh? Hopefully, though we will find another fur baby to love soon. Take care, Mal

Nekkid Chicken said...

Hey Melissa, Thanks for stopping by and I echo you on the rain. We were fortunate this weekend and recieved 1 1/2 inches. I pray the weather pattern changes soon but, think La Nina will take hold now that it is fall. SIGH

Much love,

Nekkid Chicken said...


Sometimes I just sit back and see all that is going on and wonder. What I can as a middle aged, mother of five, and just plain fed-up person can do to change things. Once I make that decision; then I will let other know.

I am sorry you lost such a great friend in Wellington. I think about you both every day. Sadly, any time a person sticks out of a crowd; they are usually targets. This world just amazes me sometimes.