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Monday, September 26, 2011

The Strange History of Don't Ask, Don't Tell (DADT)

This weekend Directv has a free promo weekend allowing us to view HBO programming.  I stumbled on a documentary called 'The Strange History of: Don't Ask, Don't Tell." This is a great documentary for outlining the historical policies / discussions behind the decision to allow 'gays' to serve in the military.

(Shakes head here --- because they have been and will always be a part of humanity and not just seeking admittance to a single group.) 

Now you are probably wondering why I am writing about this topic? Right.....

Simple, I served from March 1986 until April 2006 in the United States Air Force.  My first job was in the intelligence field.  We had to attain, maintain, and retain a top secret clearance to just be able to work.  No problem right for most service members however, there is a caveat for serving honestly (honor code) and keeping no secrets -- to inform on other service members of their unlawful behavior to include what was then thought to be sexual misconduct. 

My first room mate was a lesbian and when I moved into our then room; she informed me at great peril to her career.  Personally, I did not care about her personal behavior and did not see homosexuality as a problem.  One reason for my acceptance of her and to not inform my superiors was simple.  I knew of a couple of family members who were also lesbians (though closeted) and knew homosexuality did not keep them from living honorable lives.  They had families, jobs, hopes and dreams.  I decided to love my friend more than myself and honor her disclosure even though I could have lost my career by staying silent.

Later in 1993, when DADT was passed I never understood the big deal because American soliders for the most part had already been living with that standard.  What chapped my arse was the DISHONESTY of DADT; the military was advising its members to stay silent.  To me the double standard was humiliating and dishonorable because to lie by omission is still a lie.  Why did I not 'TELL' was quiet a simple rationalization in my thinking process and I used a 4 Star's quote to cement my silence in uniform.   

"Integrity is what you do when no on is looking,' RET Gen M. McPeak. 

I still choose to support the gay community to have the same laws to include marriage recognition as a man/woman has the right.  When 'we the government' deny one group its inalienable rights to pursue their lives in the manner of their choosing then; the next step of the community is to limit others. 


The marriage arugment is a kicker because it was once a form of property laws awarded to a man.  Marriage bound a woman to a man and all she brought with her into the marriage became the property of her husband.  And if one was to research even further to say 'rape,' this was also a property law because women either were the property of their fathers or husbands. Meaning if a woman was raped it was a crime committed against her father or her husband.  (sobering thought eh?)

Nowadays,  marriage definitions have changed THANK GOODNESS.  This is just my humble opinion; if a person wants to marry is it not my business to say if they are awarded that right as long as both parties are adults.  If a person is gay; it is not my business what life choices they make as long as he / she is an adult. 


Keep government out of our bedrooms, homes, and careers!

Have a great day in your slices of heaven.


John Gray said...

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interesting post!!!

Cesar Crash said...

That's it!

Nekkid Chicken said...

HEY You! How are all your critters?

Hey Cesar! We did not get the puppies. But, I won't forget Wellington. Trust me, I carry you both in my prayers!

Hugs to all who pass here.

Jim said...

Great post Mal! Thanks to someone on the 'front lines' of this whole DADT thing. You are one honourable woman!

I see you have been busy as usual. Sorry to hear about Banjo......