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Sunday, November 13, 2011

I Am A Reader So...

After reading some articles I wanted to pass on to all of my readers.  I am really incensed after watching the Republican debates.  Yes, I do watch them because I want to know who is being set up at the sacrificial lamb (figure head) to led the free world. 

Mind you, I am not happy with President Obama nor did I vote for him in 2008.  I feel he just gives too many concessions to our GOP leaders.  In this I believe he was being a patsy up until; he started signing Executive Orders to right some of America's economic ills.  Thank you Mr. Obama for finally finding your voice and standing up to the 'NO MORE TAX INCREASES,' edict issued by Grover Norquist and signed many 'elected Republican officials.'  

And before you all consider voting for a Republican or say Libertarian just go look in many sources until you are comfortable with your candidates voting stance -- that is all I am saying.

By the way Mr. Cain, we do not purchase any oil from IRAN for the record.  LOL I almost passed out over that gaffe.  Also, if our candidates applaude or sanction water boarding or other torture techniques then, they are saying they are okay with the torture of our military or civilian abductees.  Just saying be careful of whom you are voting for because when one finger points three are pointing back in return.

Why I can not vote for a Republican this go around:

One of the many reasons I can not ever indorse Mr. Perry:

The Libertarian Party website:

On the divide for those who serve in the military and going back to civilian.  It is not easy:

The entire Republican debate on foreign policy; brace yourselves it's long.  The one of foreign policy usually seals my vote since, the LOCK BOX and condensending tone of Al Gore's .  I just imagine the TO BE President talking to a hostile foreign leader.  If I can't see a war started right there then maybe:

My books for the last week:

THE HELP by Kathryn Stocket (excellent read)

NIGGER by Dick Gregory (Excellent read and will use this in our curriculum.)

A MIGHTY HEART by Mariane Pearl (Excellent read and I cried for Daniel Pearl's family again.)

WISHFUL DRINKING by Carrie Fisher (Love her sense of wry humor and outlook dealing with her upbringing.)

DISPATCHES FROM THE EDGE by Anderson Cooper (Well written, sometimes people shock me too and the absurdity of the human condition in given disasters.)

I leave y'all to a wonderful week in your slices of heaven.  We are so fortunate and are still acknowledging our blessings as a family. 

Stay informed,

Complete Debate coverage online videos:


Sharon said...

Wow, you DO read a lot! I try to keep tabs on what who is doing and what who is saying and I believe we should stop digging that hole - I have no idea how to fix any of the problems that we (as a country) have gotten ourselves into.

I think of you often!


Nekkid Chicken said...

Hey Sharon, It has been easy to read since, I banged up my knee. I had to put myself on bed rest. The boys and I just hang out on the bed together during the day.

I think of you often too and wonder just what is Sharon doing today with her fur babies. I bet she is getting the rain we need. LOL Such is life! Mal

Greg said...

after 20yrs I switched rom Rep. to Dem last year....just too far right

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