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Friday, November 18, 2011

Thinking Outloud

While I have been on a self-imposed bed rest after a knee injury 2 1/2 weeks ago.  I have been thinking about things when I could no longer tolerate reading. 

Have you ever thought about how much education you have acquired or achieved since adulthood? 

I would safely wager between the Air Force educating me in: how to be a solider, how to do my jobs, OJT in safety, plus all the extra professionalization courses for 20 years -- my brain was given around 500K+ in military (managerial) training.

Now this does not include all my college courses of which I have around 60 or more full 3 hr classes for a bargin rate of 150K.  Now this is not counting all the materials I have used to self-teach and fill my gray mater sponge through: reading, research, and exploring the world, 1000s of books, videos, actual visits to learning institutions, volunteer work and trial / error .  I would wager my brain (& yours) has had access to over 1 million USD in information, education, training, and maintenance.  AMAZING THOUGHT RIGHT?

So why is it folks assume a Stay At Home Mother (SAHM) has not attained an education equal or greater than that of a college professor?  I am consistently amazed at my own family assuming my life has not been fulfilled because I have not become a PAID public school teacher.  Mind you, I have done and achieved all that I said I wanted to be as a child.

I am currently home schooling two very bright and happy sons.
I have learned how to take care of animals through our farm life.
World Travel:
20 yrs on active duty

I feel sucessful because I am happy.  I may never have a fancy house yet, I have the best life can offer;  my family.  I know it may be hard to parlay this into my extended family's brain because some folks can not see themselves off the rut in the road they are traveling.  I am so grateful to have my husband and children.  I am grateful for all I was able to achieve in the Air Force.  I am so blessed to know it is not the size of my paycheck that gives me peace but, the faces of my menfolk with their sleepy faces each morning -- knowing they are my gifts.

I also want to recognize my husband.  Though I was told about 'lazy Mexicans' years and years ago.  My heart, you are the hardest working and smartest man I know. 

Much love and peace to all;
In your slices of heaven,


Melodie said...

I quit caring long ago what anyone else thinks of me.I know many family members questioned the path I took,from me being a home maker and homeschooling and the way we live simple. I say to them the proof is in the pudding,lol! We are a close, happy, successful family and my kid is smart,polite, funny and well balanced! I hope your knee is better soon!

Texan said...

Yep peace and happiness truly do not come in the way of money or material things! I will take my honeyman and health over $ anyday! Don't get me wrong everyone likes a little stuff but the key is balance and always remembering that stuff is just that, stuff.

Plus I agree with Melodie and you, lets see we are all happily married and have been long enough to say its news lol (this is big news in this day and age) You guys have from what I can tell great kids you love and actually want to raise (also big news in this day and age) We don't have kids but if we did, certainly knowing what I do now I would so do the home schooling! Seems to me we all have our priorities right. I may not have a formal degree but I can grow food,(in Texas no less) can and preserve that food. I can also hold my own with fabric and thread! :O). Okay so its not a million dollar a year job but hey given the way things seem to be going these days certainly good things to know! Geesh we are all pretty darn successful people in my estimation! Hope your knee gets well!

Lana at www.FarmLifeLessons.blogspot.com said...

Some people live a little upside down for a while until they figure out all about REAL priorities in life...it isn't the money machine, it isn't to hoard a bunch of crude, it's to make a difference in the life of your kids without having to pay someone else to make that difference. Wow.

Jim said...

Hi MAl! Been a while. Hope your knee is mending and I love it when people 'think out loud'!! I do it all the time!
I really liked your Oct 18 post on the "occupiers'. I too couldn't agree more with what they are doing and am supporting them too in little ways I can.
I know this 'protest' is just the beginning of some BIG changes ahead in our society. Some people may not like it and are totally intimidated by these very decent folk who have chosen to take up the cause for a more equitable and fair society.
You said it perfectly Mal and I know to whom I will send your post. Thanks.
Oh yes, Happy Thanksgiving!