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Monday, June 15, 2009

Movie Review: Night at the Museum

Battle at the Smithsonian

Personally, I try not compare sequels to the original. This movie was cute but, slow in places. However, I so love the idea of LIVING HISTORY or "History coming to life." SO I am not really caught up in the disappointment this movie others have been since it was a pleasure for me seeing how many of the icons I recognized from learning about how and who made human society great.

What was pretty awesome was this time, Mr. Stiller used a female (Amelia Erhart) as a heroine in the storyline. Sure Teddy Roosevelt was still in the picture (adore Robin Williams) and the part asking for help scratching his nose since one of his scenes he is a bronze bust without arms. Also, very whimsical was the Pharoah with a speech impediment who wants to take over the world. I love these characters: singing cherubs, modern art sculptures, paintings & photos coming to life, Tuskegee Airmen, Able the Space Monkey, and Mr. Einstein as bobble head dolls. Not going to explain away the ending, yet I chuckled over the motorola scene.

Probably what I did love most about this movie -- was remembering how much I enjoyed going with my family so see the 'exhibits' that came to life in this movie. IF you ever have a "BUCKET LIST" go to the National Mall and visit as many of the museums you can. I am telling you, your heart will come alive with awe and wonder or in my case, nostalgia.

Just as mine did with this movie, well done Mr. Stiller........

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