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Friday, June 12, 2009

Beeville Wal-Mart Saddens Me Greatly!

"The city of Beeville will not impose a ban on the use of plastic shopping bags.City Council members voted unanimously Tuesday to abandon the idea after listening to the concerns of management from the city’s two largest retailers, Wal-Mart and H-E-B.Cathey Anderson, manager at the Wal-Mart Supercenter, said the cost of switching to paper bags could affect the incomes of about 300 or so employees at her store.She cited figures showing that plastic bags cost less to manufacture and are easier to recycle. She encouraged the City Council to try to educate people about discarding plastic bags and said the City Council in Austin had taken a similar step rather than ban the bags altogether."

Entire article here with WALMART threatening to withdraw charitable contributions:

'highly veiled threats" 2nd of EMPLOYEE suffering for eco-responsibility of a GLOBAL corporation'


"My comment back:

Saenzmom wrote on Friday, Jun 12 at 11:08 AM »
Nice corporate responsibility WALMART:Veiled threat here:"would affect the amount of money and products the two stores are now able to donate to community functions and organizations."That was the second veiled threat by WALMART manager in this article. The solution is simple, do not ban, TAX each bag by 30 cents and folks will rush to buy the reusable bags to save money. Then with less 'throw away' bags used WALMART could afford to give it's 300 (more than likely part time) employees a raise. The city would have over a million in collected taxes according to Walmart guest-i-mations of bags used. www.saenzmom.blogspot.comany questions see my article Respectfully,Mal"

I am deeply saddened by Wal-Mart. I mean really, give away some of those .50 cent reusable bags, the Wal Mart corporation gets FREE Advertising from customers using the bags. I will also remember at election time which officials folded at the implied threat of losing contributions and employee jobs.

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