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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ice Age 3, Loved it worth a view

Again, this is a wonderful movie. This episode found Manny becoming a first time father while Sid the Sloth 'found' three eggs.

I loved the writing of this episode because the entire film was closely watched by both my sons ages 11 and 4. Not once did the movie stray enough from madcap adventure and the storyline stayed true to original form -- thus they did not get bored (bee bop inside the theather packed to the gills).

This is one movie I will be adding to our growing collection of child films. BUC is a new character in this film and my new fav after Sid the Sloth.

5 beaks up, and just in time for Christmas stocking stuffers. I hope!

Thoughts from inside the coop.

(We seen this movie before vacation but, I am just getting around to my writings. Sorry)

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