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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I got to say NO CA CA!

I read an article that rightly pisses me off:


YES I have had many run ins with military doctors while serving twenty years.

One of the worst doctor 'events' I had was with a doctor who wanted to give me a pelvic exam because I went in for an ear infection / chronic allergies.

Dude, tried to explain my ailment and the exam away this way using a metaphor:

"WOMEN'S BODIES are a highway connected to the genitals."

To which I replied rather forcefully and loud enough for the hallway to hear.

MY VAGINA IS A CUL-DE-SAC. ONE WAY IN, ONE WAY OUT. I TOOK BIOLOGY, MORON! I know, there is no road linking my ears to my genitals.


Please read the article



Jen said...

WOW and their such simple things to. This is just nuts. Why can't are governments get the simple things done. Is it really asking to much.

Nekkid Chicken said...

Apparently, It is too much. What kills me is the Veterans Administration has known women have served their country since what decade; the 40s. It is enough to drive you nuts. LOL, sorry I was so graphic but I did leave out my colorful expletives for sake of the public. AAAAAAA, nice to see you, Jen. ~;>