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Friday, July 24, 2009

Why is illegal immigration linked to MEXICANS?

Good Grief, I was just listening to the Honorable John McCain talk about illegal immigration reform on C-span.

The last time I checked, there are over 160 countries on this BLUE BLUE MARBLE. So, maybe the 'illegals' (WTF) are using Mexico border to enter this country are not necessarily of Mexican decent. To target Mexico and its citizens is just in poor taste with an elitist ideal of NOT IN OUR BACKYARD idealogy of seclusionism. The drug cartels are killing more Mexicans in order to get their product to WHITE COLLAR America. Target the people who are willing to use and sell the drug here and pay the cartels their blood money.

Mr. McCain get off your high horse and look around; those friends of yours (in the upper class) and their kids are paying for the 'mules' to move drugs into this country. The gangs in South America are a product of this country's need to medicate themselves into coffins.

And By the Way Mr. McCain you really need to start reading up more here is a start:

"Study: Mexican immigration to U.S. plummets,"

Gets of soap box,

Kisses my children of Mexican heritage

Thoughts from a BEANER'S wife or

Casa de Gallina.

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