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Thursday, July 30, 2009

G-Force, a movie review

This afternoon, I took the boys after blood work and a jaunt to Wally World of the Lost American Dollar, (ROFL) to see G-Force.

I had the feeling that neither my husband nor I would appreciate its merits because we had noticed how much it was being hyped as a block buster for the summer. Much to my premonition, this film is okay for children but adults will find it extremely predictiable.

The boys had no idea what a MOLE was or the implications (a character also in the film) yet, I figured out the ending before the middle of the movie. The graphics were excellent though, some of the HOW TOs were not properly thought out and thus made the film a little over the top.

What I do appreciate about this movie was there was no real sexual overtones. There was a male guinea pig who had a crush on the female guinea pig but, nothing came of it.

I would give this family movie a 3 Beaks up rating......... Or C+ for those not in the poultry know!

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