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Friday, March 16, 2012

I Want to Apologize to Mr. Obama


I just ran across this story on Yahoo.  What the hell?  If this does prove to be an actual bumper sticker, I am so sorry.  I don't want to believe some Americans have no respect the highest office in our nation --  let alone a human being who does have our best interest in hand.  I am literally shaking as I type this blog post.  I really did not want to believe we still have this evil here; in the country who's uniform I proudly wore for twenty years.

President Obama,  I apologize on behalf of of these folks who would do such a thing.  I am just so very ashamed and will go dry my tears elsewhere. 


Cat said...

Sadly, while I don't know if that is a real bumper sticker or a Photoshop, I know all too well that it is an opinion that many people have. (Let's just say I don't talk politics with some of my family often...)

I want to not so much apologize to the President, but dumb slap the sticker owner.



NURA said...

I am proud of you willing to represent the high-minded for other people to apologize to president Obama
thankU for visit to Indonesia

Nekkid Chicken said...

Cat, I feel the same about talking with my family concerning much of any controversial subject. This Republican Faceoff has cemented that feeling again. LOL I doubt I would ever be close enough to their bumper sticker owner. Your Method is food for thought though. :O) Mal

Thanks Nura, I love reading your blog as well. It is a sad day when we can not just get along and not attack others on a personal level. Thank you for visiting me. ~:> Mal

Muhammad Shakeel said...

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Amanda said...

Apart from the incredibly rude and racist implications, the sticker actually works opposite the intention. The definition of "renig" is to take back something you said or did... So technically isn't the sticker saying to not take back the vote for Obama? Ironically, isn't this actually supporting him?

Nekkid Chicken said...

ROFL Isn't the irony kind of crazy Ms. Amanda. Sometimes folks just spin my head around. :O) Thanks for commenting. Happy Easter! Mal