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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

How is Lethal Injection not cruel?

3 injections to kill an immate takes 7 minutes. The new one injection takes up to fifteen minutes. It just makes me feel horrible, death not instaneous is cruel. With all our advances in medicine and judicial system. Why have we not found a better way?

Have you ever been 'aware' during a dental or medical surgery? (I HAVE)

Have you ever 'awakened' during a surgery in pain? (I Have)

This just seems horrible, how can we as a nation object to CHINA executing folks by firing squad? When we are putting a prisoner to death but it takes 18 attempts to kill him?

Do you believe in the justice system? Do you believe in the American justice system?

HERE is the article I read:


Gets off soapbox,

Still confused as to whether I support a death penalty that is not instaneous...........

Here is the conversation I had with folks on MULTIPLY


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