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Friday, December 18, 2009

Dapperilla LOL This just cracks me up

And I don't know why.  I was explaining this to my friend Lori.

The first time I drove by this ranch (they raise longhorns, buffalos, African cattle and other livestock) and Mr. Gorilla had just the Santa Cap.  As you all know it gets quiet windy in South Texas and he lost his cap.  So, my guess is the lady of the ranch did not like that too much.  The next day,  "DAPPERILLA" appeared with his Santa Cap secured. LOL  I want to put some LIPSTICK on his pouty lips and rouge.


emajen333 said...

omfg! Dapperilla is the funniest damn thing I've even seen in my entire life! ROFL!!!!

emajen333 said...

Good Heavens! Don't look! Dapperilla the Frilla Gorilla lost his ginormous nappy in the breeze.

troubadore9 said...

That was me getting ready to deliver presents.Now the surprise is upset.Crap!!!!!

Nekkid Chicken said...



mynetoo said...

I need one of those to guard my remote. That is a better bet than a lil bitty doggy! lol
Merry Christmas! love ya kiddo