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Sunday, December 20, 2009

MIXEDNUT My Hawaiin Soul Sister, DRAGONFLY


Just take time for you even if its just for the length of a song.  I love Lenny's music and the lyrics in this song makes me think of you.  I am sorry that I can only put a link here --- just listen.

LIKE A DRAGONFLY just float away.




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mixednut555 said...

I'm HONORED, my Chicken soul sister! I love that song, haven't heard it in awhile, and forgot how much I love it. Thank you, thank you!

I have a new goal. My brother was just here visiting from Seattle. He and his wife spent a whole month on the big island then came to see us for a couple of days before heading home. My brother lost 100 pounds! He did it so he could scuba dive, which is his new love. Next year he and wife are going to Thailand to scuba dive with their daughter and her new hubby who are working for the Peace Corps in Cambodia. Anyway, my new goal is to learn to scuba dive as I already LOVE to snorkle and once you get your scuba equipment it costs like $2 to fill your tanks and dive. So, am going to sell some stuff on ebay and set up a scuba account. Why I am writing this is that song, I've got to get away, that is what snorkling and scuba is all about, getting AWAY.

I'm rambling, I know. But you have inspired me. I'll send pictures of the stage when we finish U'i's room. It is going to be cool. She has a loft bed, you know, like a bunk bed without the bottom bunk. We will use that to mount the curtains, and build the stage underneath. We are excited and are starting the project this afternoon after Rachel gets back from chanting. Don't know exactly what that is about but she is going with a co-worker. Probably a buddist thing, but we don't know yet. Anyway. THank you, thank you!
Hugs and love always,