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Monday, December 28, 2009

Movie Review: My Sister's Keeper

Though I had ordered this movie back in November.  I had a hard time with sitting aside some time to watch it.  Because the death of Jo Jo hit the two year anniversary plus other life events with the holidays. 

This story tries to be contemporary with the SHOULD WE PLAY GOD theme.  But, with the 'cut backs' in time and the 'fast forwards' there many were holes in the storyline.  I just found myself asking too many questions instead of being totally absorbed.

The older daughter has luekemia, neither parent is a tissue match nor the already there brother.  So, the parents have an engineered baby to save the first one's life.  However, there are too many holes with this story.

1.  Cameron Diaz has a shaved head on one scene the very next one --- full, glossy mane. (I told you confusing)

2.  The creepy eyes  and rotting teeth of daughter one will allow you to know when her end is nearing.

3.  Baldwin character's plays his seizure sensing service dog as a 'magnetic' smelling dog.

4.  Instead of exploring the WHY SHOULD we have a baby to use as spare parts for an older child vice thinking this out; because eventually the baby will have a will of its own.

Now the storyline was botched too bad say Lions Gate Film did not do this one. Someone with less of a polished -glitzy story making producer perhaps.

Great performances,  I loved Cameron's self absorbed character.  She had a baby (Anna) to save a baby (Kate) but, almost wound up losing her entire family.  Baldwin character was not developed but he was believable as a lawyer who had no control over his own body -- thus his reason to take the case for medical emancipation.  Jason Patrick as Brian was a hero when he took his family to the beach for Kate's last day.   My film rating would be a middle of the road, rent it from Netflix do not buy..................................

What made me cry was not so much the film but remembering how, Lisa (my real life daughter) was affected by her medical incident in 2003.  How Saenz was left to cope with our attention focusing on her; he was only 5 at the time.  The other part was missing my friend Jo Jo who died December 20, 2007 from breast cancer.

Cancer is a horrible--horrible vampire..................

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