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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Are you getting up this Monday Morning at 1 am EST?

Tell you the truth,  I am worried.  I want everyone to have access to health care.  I do. What bothers me is the 'right' was willing to put the nation's national defense on hold because of the debate on the healthcare bill.  (SHAME ON YOU, I WAS WATCHING.)  WHAT I do not understand is why we (AMERICANS) don't have a free-market when it comes to health insurance. 

Who the 'FOOK' cares where you live?  If you want COLUMBIAN coffee you can just purchase it at the store, use a catalog, or go online and buy just what you need or want.  So, why is this not our option with healthcare?

ITS SIMPLE, the insurance (almost monopolies) have in fact, divided up their share of the market and thus do not want competition to take their monies within prescribe state boundries or regional areas. 

What is crazy to think about is this, members of congress  earns 160K a year and have benefits that would joke a DONKEY with: retirement, savings plan, per diem, housing, annual pay raises, and health care.

Okay so lets punch some numbers (IF we only count the overhead costs divided by the uninsured):

the cost of the current health care plan for ten years: 

880 BILLION divided by 45 MILLION uninsured =

are you ready.   19,733 per insuree or 1,973 per year


((((BY THE WAY,  before any panties get bunched I was using hypothetical numbers))))

Hands out ten dollar bills
gets off


kybunker said...

Hey Heard Az is taking away the offered health care for children.
Because of budget cuts,
Real Freaking Nice,
We did not qualify for it in the first place, but many other children did!
You think that the state could find other ways to cut budgets, Maybe make recycling a law?
Maybe cut down on paper use? Oh wait, that's right, they've done that by remembering there is a backside to paper...
How bout thinking outside of the box for once instead of cancelling out police, school programs and state assisted healthcare!
Who's in charge here anyways!
Lie back and take it in the butt! what's new, we've been doing it for years anyhow.
Government,, ass backwards as usual


Nekkid Chicken said...

Good Morning, Are you a tad fed up Kelley? LOL