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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halliburton, Republicans for Rape

Today when Zephyr and I was on the road from dropping Saenz off at school. We were behind a Halliburton semi truck. I then remembered the case of a female former employee (Ms. Jones) bringing suit against the company since, she could not name her attackers in a gang rape over in Iraq by US contract employees.


Sen A Franken had a bill up in congress that would aid workers overseas. Then in the news, I saw Republicans for Rape website because 30 voted with (contractors) against the victims of sexaul assualt.


My Thoughts:

1. Women are still seen as property.
2. Rape is a crime against a man's property.
3. No man of right mind is for rape especially if he has daughters (his property).
4. As long as it does not affect the pockets of a MAN then rape is ignored.
a. Halliburton has huge special interest payouts to congressional members.
b. War is a MAN's playground, the victim was just a slide to play on.
5. Things will not change until, WOMEN take over the freaking world.

Gets off soapbox..........

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