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Friday, November 13, 2009

Stimulus Tracker, I am so skeptical

Okay Ladies and Germs,

With actual unemployment figures in the 20% range. (I don't care what the media is reporting on new claims.)

I went to this site:


My county is Live Oak in Texas. (JUST CLICK YOUR STATE & COUNTRY)

UP pops a list of awarded ***contracts*** monies from the stimulus package.

Live Oak supposedly put 328 people to work using stimulus monies.

Browse contracts4 projects found

Project description County State Contractor Industry Value Job impact
Corridor Improvements Live Oak County TX - Construction and Supplies $37,500,000


STATE LET CONSTRUCTION CONTRACTS LIVE OAK CO GR BS SURF STRS. Live Oak County TX Ballenger Construction Company Construction and Supplies $17,155,044


JOE FULTON INTERNATIONAL TRADE CORRIDOR PHASE II. Live Oak County TX - Construction and Supplies 0.0 (no monies awarded yet) 0 (no PEEPS job creation)

Window Replacement and Plumbing Upgrades Live Oak County TX Dykema Architects Construction and Supplies 0.0 (no monies awarded yet) 0
(no PEEPS job creation)

SO NOW, I have to drive around my county to see if folks (construction workers are actually repairing or building roads.) Last time I read an article on the Trans Corridor connecting Mexico to US to Canada; it was cancelled.

Instead of telling the workers to STIMULAZZ; I will tell them to COVER UR AZZ due to plumbers crack.


If I can find them........................

For your state's unemployement numbers:


aswesow said...


Jack & Jill said...

No stimulus happening in my county! We have the close to the worst unemployment in the state and some of the worst roads. Factories aren't doing anything, the one my son worked at is all but shut down.


Nekkid Chicken said...


Yeah Jill, as you can tell my skepticism. I AM KNOCKED out by bogus reporting. Ya Know? LOL