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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Zephyr's Third Day on Tamiflu

You know, I am not big on medications unless there is a dire need or for maintainence purposes like diabetes or heart issues. However, after being worried sick about him & his fever, body, aches and four (yes count them) ---- four office visits complete with xrays, a dose of antiboditics -- which appeared not to work since we wound up in the ER one night. He is on the mend. A mom and dad knows when something is not right.

Thank you Physican's Assistant Andrew
(Zephyr's favorite to chat up about boys things)

YOU LISTENED, YOU OBSERVED, YOU KNEW and now my son is back to almost normal.

Talking and asking 5 Million questions. He is playing and fighting with his brother.

And I get my hugs and kisses.


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