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Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Value of Couponing

I am addicted to couponing. There is not 12 step program to help me. But in the month of October, I fed 6 adults and 4 children on only $440 (including the costs of buying Sunday papers, dairy, veggies and meat).

Our grown children living in San Antonio had their entire pantry stocked right out of our own.

This passed month, I have gotten

(2) Lorel's Duo Eye Lift for free,

$20 gift card from amazon (a phone survey),

1 Good House Keep year subscription plus their 300 Page cookbook FREE,

18 Bayer Contour diabetic meters which will go to the local woman's shelter this Friday (normally $79.99) on sale at CVS for $14.99 which I had a $30 off coupon for all 18,

4 ($10 dollar rebates from Kellogg's, General Mills and one I can't remember.)

(TONS of free health & beauty products like Garnier, Frutis, Dayquil, Tylenol etc etc)

2 free movie passes,

8 free games of bowling,

$50 in free tokens at Chuckie Cheese (Zephyr Bday Party) plus

4 cans of enfamil which came in handy since our neighbor had a baby this past month.

It does take work, it is not easy, you have to be organized, you have to research and this is where people will have their down fall saving.

I joined Big Tent "How to Shop for Free." And it was the best dollar I have ever spent.


(Thanks Lori Nunya for cluing me in to the article.)


While this economy is still in the toilet and Congress is extending unemployment for those who can not find a job. I have made it my mission to pay off our home within five years. What I am no longer spending on groceries is being dumped not only in a savings account but also on the principal on our mortgage.

SMOOCHES from my slice of heaven

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