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Friday, November 20, 2009

My cervix just exploded

First they tell us based upon scientific evidence; women should not be screened for breast cancer through mammograms starting at age forty. There is no need to do monthly exams; oh and doctors don't need to check your she bags during your annual.

NOW we are being told.

Cervical cancer screening should not begin until age twenty-one or three years after being sexually active.

(MOST WOMEN lose their virginity before this milestone, some contract STDs, some even have babies.)

AGAIN, no one will be able to convince me that BIG MONEY INSURANCE is not behind this.

WOMEN charged 40% than men talk about gender bias,

A. we live longer.
B. we seek medical attention more often (maybe the reason why we live longer.)
C. we bare children
D. we suffer from more domestic & sexual assault

Here is something interesting I read yesterday. 1900 women screened last year by mammograms out of 10,000 (Ages 40) were saved by early detection from breast cancer. 1300 women screened last year by mammograms out of 10,000 (Ages 50) were saved by early detection.

Just think, without the screening begining at 40 -- we may have lost 1900 women multiple by the # of LOTs (10,000) who were screened last year in their forties.

MOST WOMEN find their own lumps during SELF EXAMS.

Article for begining your research for decision making:

GRRRRRRRR and I live in a state were GENDER BIAS is sanctioned.

Gets off soapbox,

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