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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Well I got out of bed

AND NOW apparently ate a viral bug?

I am sick to the point; I have almost lost my voice. LOL
(HUBBY is probably feeling relieved.)

Saenz was able to ride the bus home yesterday and will today.
I still do morning drop off.

The only true concessions I have made; laundry is piling up as well as dishes.

Hubby is still sick but he won't admit it.
Even though he left his cup of coffee on the counter.

The doctors here are just saying it's seasonal allergies.

MY ARSE (could make a better diagnosis with one cheek tied in front),

Coughing up green gunk, being worn out, and wanting to sleep is not seasonal allergies but;
either a harsh cold or the flu.

Then I will drown my sorrows in hot tea with honey.


aswesow said...

My wife's been suffering with H1N1 too, complicated by bronchitis. I'm glad she finally went to see the doctor. They can't do much for the flu, but they did treat the bronchitis and it is so much better. Your doctors are in denial I think

Jack & Jill said...

Definitely sounds like you have something besides allergies! Green gunk is infection somewhere. Do you or anyone else have a fever? Even if you would have seasonal allergies - they leave you wide open to infection. I have a sinus infection now, myself, I won't go into gory details, but I am coughing green myself. Take care of yourself and yours!

Take a nap, a hundred years from now, nobody will know or care if you did housework or not!

Nekkid Chicken said...

ROFL As if I care about housework but, it's my non-paying job. I just wanted to be able to leave the house in the event of an emergency. Each of my sons and hubby have been to the doctor with same diagnosis.


Tell Diane to take care of herself.
I am using my own concoctions like grannie used. I think the US is in denial because the medical field doesnt want to do swabs to find out one of us has the flu. Zephyr did wind up with Bronchitis. He is on day number 5 of antiboditics and still has a cough. No sputum though.