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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Thoughts on Mr. Kennedy

I read a very good blog on eBay and here is the link:


Here is my comment back to my dearest friend.

"Momma Shark, I too watched his eulogy/service last night. I was very moved. What upset me was, my own husband had no clue as to the social programs Mr. Kennedy or his family; have helped bring to fruitition -- and have benefitted from personally or his children / extended family.

I was not 'socially aware' of his past due to my age in some of the events but, the man changed through life and still managed to contribute more than a lyric to the fabric of this nation.

My reasoning is this, NAME ONE INDIVIDUAL who has not did something horrible, cruel, or against the law in their life due to being human. I can think of none.

What I loved about Mr. Hatch's portion is, the humor of which the two men got along even though from such diverse backgrounds.

Though I had never touched the hand of Mr. Kennedy; his actions have made a change in my life.

May he rest in peace,
his family find solace and comfort with each other,
and continue to find the good fight
In all of the Kennedys' memory.


AUTHOR'S NOTE................................

It does not matter of his past; what only matters to me is folks who benefit from the programs today -- welfare, food stamps, WIC, SCHP, Special Oylmpics (ON AND ON AND ON), were brought into existance by the KENNEDY family (((OTHER folks helped them AS WELL)))


BUT those with their hands out for help are unaware of where the help came, who was originally responsible for it, how the help came to be with hard fought battles, name calling and other ilk.

"Those who have not learned from the past are doomed to repeat it," Winstion Churchill.

Thoughts from inside the coop......

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