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Monday, August 17, 2009

Are you Money Stupid?

I have noticed a small thing in cyber space such as the eBay blogs; folks totally skip over ways to save themselves money. I am an avid coupon, freebie, rebate, cash-back hound. PEOPLE who have money - know how to keep it while folks, without money -- do not - or don't take the time to research or 'find money' by using ALL available resources.

This is sad to me -- because while, I see all the whining, I know for a fact there is a way out of debt by careful planning.

Take for instance our vacation to the Beach House in Rockport. We saved for our vacation and went by using our coupon savings for less than ONE YEAR to go for five days. If I save a buck, I do not buy lotto tickets or something else-- I put it away. We used coupons to grocery shop while on vacation. Our vacation money could have easily have gone to pay off two months of our mortgage for the year, PRINCIPAL ONLY but, we had not gone on a family vacation in three years.

My advice to those struggling; find a mentor, someone who knows the ropes. Then learn from them how they get ahead and stay ahead. There is a reason why the Rich get Richer; they learn from others.

I not only get blood from a turnip, I make it holler!

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