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Friday, August 21, 2009

Distrubing Cartoon in Newspaper

I have wondered if I would be able to watch a team with Michael Vick if he was allowed to return to the NFL.

After seeing this probably not.

I mean -- would you allow a convicted murderer sit down to eat with your family?

How about convicted pedophile or child abuser back in the classroom to teach your children?

This man was a 'professional' sportsman (hero) who, made it his business to fight dogs for money. It was not the money he made from his illegal activities that gave him the thrill of 'power' but, his assumption he was above the law. Those dogs who 'suffered' from his hands did not ask to fight or die.


Another point, how can a man of Mr. Vick's ethnic / socio economic background with the historical knowledge and or significance of a noose do this to another living being?

So those who are backing him should not take this sociopath lightly. Yes! he did his time --- so what. He can get a job flipping burgers, or shoveling dog feces at a shelter; while is he is guaranteed by the Constitution a RIGHT to rejoin a professional football team to put his ANIMAL KILLING image back in the public eye.

Perhaps the professional sports teams should not allow such a person back with in their fold by barring him for life (to mean his natural physical sports playing abilities).

(Thoughly disgusted by professional sports team managers / owners.)

Thoughts from inside the coop.....

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