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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Mrs. Loosey and Mr. Salad Fingers

Are parents!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After a long grueling, South Texas Summer; we noticed Mrs. Loosey had gone off her feed for two days and stayed in the mud hole. She gave birth to 6 live piglets about the size 20 oz soda bottle in length. Four were colored like Momma and 2 like Daddy.

We are sad to report that thus far only 2 are still alive, we think the others were trampled by Mrs. Loosey. After removing the dead piglets, she was standing a menancing watch over her remaining piglets along with proud pappa, Mister Salad Fingers.

I will post pictures from yesterday, showing off all 6 piglets and mom in the mud hole; once my Easy Share recharges. We can't get close enough to either of them so, nature and momma will take its course.

Happy Birthday little piglets,

Thoughts from inside the coop..........

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