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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Dinner: OASIS in Beeville, Tx Review

It was the first time we decided to take the boys out to a dinner and a movie.

USUALLY we do the matinee and lunch because we have evening animal chores.

So, we decided to try OASIS since the Beeville paper announced their opening a while back. We noticed an empty parking lot at 5 pm but, went in any way. First thing, a small child sitting at a table told us to pick our table and be seated. Second thing, the place was empty and the inside was hot as Hades so, we picked a spot in front of a wall unit a/c (which did not help). The waitress did give us menus (10 pages of: italian, mexican, american, fried seafood and children's choices) and took our drink orders while we decided our dinner choices.


She brought out the Iced Teas, and took our orders. Fifteen minutes went by, no new customers, no chips & salsa on the table. Our ice was swiftly melting. But, we wanted to try the Spaghetti dinner (Saenz), Bistec Plate (Hubby), and Green Enchilada Plate (Me) with a plate to give Zephyr dibs from our collective plates. I made a comment to my husband about the lack of Chips & Salsa. I guess the owner over heard me because he walked over and asked.

(NOTE: IN a cinderblock building with concrete floors, empty restuarant - the sound of a female voice carries.)

Dinner came out: Saenz attacked the spaghetti, so it was a hit because Zephyr was asking for it. Bistec plate, hubby was not happy with because the topping was salsa when it should have been another sauce. Green Enchilada plate: refried beans -- thick and dry with no flavor, rice was good, and the enchildas were tasty with the green salsa having just the right amount of bite. What I liked most about the enchiladas was the cook added a farmer's cheese on the top.

Will we go back?

Probably not. We had to ask for tea refills and check, no one bothered to find out if we liked the meal, and employees were too busy attending their own dinner needs. Parking lot was impossibly small. Only one other group of three came in to eat while we were there and by time we had drove back by at 8 PM, the parking lot was still dismally empty on a Friday night.

Thoughts from outside the coop.....

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