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Monday, April 4, 2011

I Wish They Would Flipping Make Up Their Minds

Okay Ladies and Gents,

This post is a rant so if you can't handle the heat time to push away from your computer screen. 

As you know Congress is considering allowing for a government shut down.  This means employees would go into a furlough (not be able to go to work) but, would still be employees with no affect to their status or benefits.

However, a two week furlough actually means 1000s of workers (millions of mouths will go without money for basic necessities of which my hubby is one) --  would go without a paycheck for over a month.  Mind you, we the American taxpayer pays for Congress to be in their seats to work out this issue in a timely manner.


Consider, this budget arguement has been going on for well over a flea flicking year.  With just limp along amendments to keep the government moving along until our Congress decides to get off their collective Arses and get to work really building a compromise.  Now what will happen if a shut down does go into effect. 

Our military will continue to show up and aptly do their given jobs.  Until they basically run out of bullets, pens, and paper etc. etc. etc and then start charging.  Civilians employees have been hard at work determining which workers are considered emergency essential to keep basic operations up and running say like Command and Control centers, transportation, hospitals, comm, and so on.  If we run out of bandaids --- government credit card holders simply go out and charge for them. (and many other supplies until maxed out) 

Now when this furlough happened back in 95 / 96, I was in uniform.  I showed up for work and my civilian counter parts did not.  I got to not only do my job (as did other military personnel) but, I picked up the work of those who were not allowed to come in.  Then later, when the budget was passed, all went back to normal and those employees were given back pay. 

YEPPERS for the job they were not allowed to come do but, in essence I and many others did for them.

Yes I am pissed!  As I have been keeping check on what is happening on both the House and Senate floors; I see this headline today:

"Obama announces reelection bid 04/04/11 President will begin to raise money for 2012 campaign next week."


Mr. Obama,

I have kept quiet for a long time watching the kind of job you have been doing for the last three years.  Sadly Sir, I am not impressed with your leadership.  As the leader of the free world, you have not inspired those of us in the ranks to want to rise up, exceed excellence, do their given jobs, and take over the lead.  Could you please just have our elected officials get off their arses and stop grand-standing over nit noy pieces of legislation in order, to get themselves re-elected? 

While, my family will be able to weather a two week layoff; not many in our (US) economy can not do so.  And for the love of GOD and our country please post the 'real' numbers of unemployment some where.  You know those folks who have been out of work so long; they no longer show up on the COOKED BOOKS of the government keeps releasing.  I have yet to see; the 'transparency' you promised. 

I implore each congressional member to include supreme court justices and POTUS give up their paychecks for double the amount of time civilian are furloughed but, still report to work.  See how it really affects you after awhile.

OH Wait! it will not have that big of an affect on your check books because; you earn 3 to 10 times the amount say that my husband earns and your healthcare, lodging, transportation is paid for by the American people. 

So those who are continuing to read this post.  Say a pray for the many who may be facing this impending event if our elected leaders don't sit down and work on our budget. Personally, I am going to vote each of the people out and seriously pray for a better system of checks and balances.


Sorely Pissed Off,


Sharon said...

This is a disturbing situation, I know many people who can't keep their bills paid when they don't get a regular check!

floweringmama said...

You and I have every right to be pissed off. This has been going on long enough. I couldn't believe my ears when I heard Obama was running for re-election.

Nekkid Chicken said...

No Joke, Mrs. Sharon It's a bleeding mess of a situation.

Flowering, I was and am incensed.

Texan said...

I am still of the mind if they are in office now they need to be voted out! From the bottom to the top! Every last one of them! We need a whole clean slate to work with!

Also we don't need a two party system where all that ever gets done is bickering. Just think if they weren't so busy saying it was the Democrats, no it was the Republicans ... how much could get done! This two party system is helping to rip this country down to nothing. What is the saying "united we stand, divided we fall" We can't get one blasted thing done in this country in any section at any level for all fighting amongst ourselves!

And our government should be required to live with the people, not above them! They are out of control when it comes to their wants and what they are getting!

We wouldn't vote for Mr. Obama in this next election if he was the only one running! I admit I was hopeful when he was elected. But turns out...

He is terrible at his job! He also has proven that he said what he thought would get him elected and it did, not what he really intended to do or not do!

Ya I am pretty washed out on our whole political system. They are so far removed from the "real" world and real life its not even funny. They have been for some time now. They live in their tax payer provided cushy bubbles while the rest of us work and pay in the dollars to provide those well padded bubbles for them! Grrrrr

Its a sad state of affairs for sure! LOL now let me tell you how I really feel ... tee hee :O)

Judy's Corner said...

Agreed, Mal. We taxpayers DO pay them to get the job done. If they fail, then they need to be fired and hire some folks who CAN get the job done. That's how it works where I am employed. Do the work, or we'll find someone who can/will.

Hoping your hubby and all of the others dependent upon the budget being passed will not have to go through another furlough.

Excellent post.

mixednut555 said...

Great post, Mal. This furlough crap really sucks, here in Hawaii they did it with the SCHOOLS last year and part of this year. This year every state and city office has furloughs on Fridays. It really sucks, it hurts those whose job it affects and all of us suffer. Furloughs are not a way to make up for the ridiculous overspending that our government has done. It hurts most those who cannot afford it.

Nekkid Chicken said...


The sad thing is about our system is only those with monetary backing can run for President; thus the elitist view and disconnect I am afraid.

I was hopeful too and just could not bring myself to vote for the man. Now, I see the other folks stepping up to the plate and I get that OMG I AM GOING TO BE SICK FEELING.

Personally, WE THE PEOPLE need to get off our tails and take back our politicial system. It has become far too corrupt through piece meal hacking at it.

Thanks for commenting,

Nekkid Chicken said...

Judy, I am just incensed. All this posturing and Stop Gap nonsense has to stop. Not one of our leaders should be allowed to go home unless what they are working on is FINISHED put to bed. I know in the military we did not quit until the job was done. We worked like ants --- it is just maddening to me to see Congress's pampered tails so far removed from the real world.


Nekkid Chicken said...


You and I have spoke at length about the issues regarding furloughs and it affects on the educational system. Really, I am with Judy; they all need to be fired with no letters of recommendation. And your right, those who least can afford this crap being shoved down open maws; can not afford it.

Kiki said...

Thanks for confirming what I suspected -- others are pressed into service and then the furloughed ees get back pay. Unbelievable. And I totally agree with your opinion that the people elected to populate seats in Congress should be working around the clock until the issues are resolved. Fat flipping chance.

Greg said...

freaking politicians, it's all a big joke to them. Every one of them is only in the business of getting reelected not doing the people's business. It's absolutely disgusting.

Nekkid Chicken said...

Kiki, If memory serves correctly; the union for federal employees fought for that back pay. They did recieve their checks though.

Greg, When I saw the smiling faces yesterday talking after no compromise yesterday. I wanted to personally smack each of them. Really, they are playing with folks lives. More will be incensed if it happens; sad thing is some may not notice until it does.


Jen said...

Amen! It's so annoying and pathetic that grown ups can't seem to act like adults. Such stupidity runs this country I'm surprised it hasn't imploded on itself. Oh that's right, we the little people keep it together.

Blah to the government. Let's be like everyone else and overthrow them.

Jen said...

Amen! It's so annoying and pathetic that grown ups can't seem to act like adults. Such stupidity runs this country I'm surprised it hasn't imploded on itself. Oh that's right, we the little people keep it together.

Blah to the government. Let's be like everyone else and overthrow them.

Kids and Canning Jars said...

Mal- I am sorry! I have to admit I hate to think what it will do to families. Good can come of it. Maybe if it does happen we can impeach our Mr. President? I agree with Texan!!!
Me thinks of you often....kid speech!