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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Everywhere You Look Change

We see evidence of things in bloom or growth.
From the apple tree we thought had died due to the ice storm on Feb 4, 2011. No apples but all is good maybe next year.
From prickley pear cactus flowers.
Would you like to harvest some of these?
To a beautiful wild flower some would call a weed.
Our turkey poults are loving their new digs.
The painted lady butterfly caterpillars are getting busy to change.  Zephyr wants to touch them because they are so fuzzy.
Banjo says relax and enjoy the ride into summer!

Onto Other News:

As far as other events: Zephyr has been super busy learning his Dolch sight words just last week he only knew 30 and this week he is working his way up to 100 from 65 yesterday.  His celebration for acheivement will be a trip to the San Antonio Zoo with his Dad.  He is already making plans to see the Prairie Dogs, Bird Aviary, and Butterfly Garden. 

To give Saenz a more structured learning environment; he is currently enrolled into Time4learning to review all his 5th/6th grade requirements.  Later today, we will be discussing how to do an outline in order to write a paper, essay, review,  or other document. 

Next week we are starting back with reading classic literature because I feel it will build their critical thinking, moral questioning, and logic.  I am toying with getting a Latin Primer (as suggested by reading The Well Trained Mind: A Guide to Classical Education).  I do agree that since Latin is a dead language and is the basis for many languages -- its syntax or ruless of usage will not change; and is a natural progression -- especially with learning English and a foreign language.   Yeppers, I will be learning as I teach them with exposure to the romance language Spanish.  We have our own built-in tutor with hubby. :O)

Zephyr is really moving along now with sight words and can read a few primary books; he will need to be exposed to more language, ideas, history, and government.  It is funny, I only quiz, teach, review with Zephyr at 20 minute intervals throughout the day yet, he picks up information so quickly.  His variety of knowledge is building a questioning mind which I adore.  Saenz usually spends between 2 to 4 hours daily on studying, reading, or reviewing materials and has made two years of progress in mathematics from just last April. By the end of next year he will be at or above his given grade level.  I am so proud of both our boys for making such strides.

I also want to thank all the folks who have give advice: Grumpy Gramps, Jana, Sobrina, Tricia, Jen, and the plethora of other blogs I read to get ideas or to just vent to; so I can become a better mother and teacher.

I also want to thank my hubby for without your support; Saenz would have been a lost soul in the school system.  I would not be able to stay at home and educate our sons.  'Thank-You!' for making our family possible.


Sharon said...

Busy days! Very pretty cactus flowers! The turkey babes are getting big! Sounds like all is well at your piece of the planet!

Nekkid Chicken said...

Thanks Mrs. Sharon, We do keep our noses clean around here. Always something to do or explore. Take care, Mal

Jim said...

Your boys will be so thankful too!The education you are giving them is incredible Mal.
Speaking of incredible.....those Prickley Pear blossoms are gorgeous!

Nekkid Chicken said...

LOL Jim you ought to see the thorns on those suckers. Thanks for the remark concerning the boys education; I am trying my best. I want to find a cacti or two with different color flowers. I am nervous to go out now; because of all the snakes. And believe me; there are many snakes this time of year. SIGH

Jen said...

SO wonderful. I'd pick those prickly pears! It's better then the dust and dirt I'm surrounded in. You're an amazing Mom and Teacher. Spanish/Latin is going to be very worth it. Especially as they get older and into the sciences. It's also neat to see where our english words derive from. Have fun!

Judy's Corner said...

Lovely post, Mal. Sounds like your world is turning just right on it's axle at the moment!

Bianchii said...

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amberk said...

Very Nice

floweringmama said...

Good afternoon, great pictures! Those cactus flowers are amazing! Can wait to see the painted ladies when they emerge.

Greg said...

great pics! do I sound like a hen turkey on my accessible hunter blog?

Diane said...

Our caterpillars are hanging in the habitat and will be emerging as butterlies any day. We are looking so forward to seeing them. Also wanted to let you know that Betty is no longer broody and actually laid an egg today.