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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Continuing Resolution? Just Shakes Head

Okay all -- year  -- month and especially this week; I have been keeping an eye on the congressional budget fight over 'riders' -basically add ons to fund things like Planned Parenthood / NPR / EPA monitoring etc. etc. etc..... All the while, ignoring the fact the US Government was essentially not funded properly.  Though congressional leaders did pass 'Stop Gaps' measures to limp along and wage war on three fronts, government funding, and pet projects that should be privatized; up and running.

Mind you;  Gentle Readers this budget  was for Fiscal Year 2011 which actually began on 1 Oct 2010.

Seems our congressional leaders did not want to make decisions in 2010 since, the Republicans were poised to take over the House and maybe the Senate during the mid-term elections in which Republicans did take the House.  Sadly, we pay 435 representatives and 100 senators approximately 14.5K monthly (7.75 million) to do their jobs and yet; we still have no budget.

Get this ---- Fiscal Year 2012 budget should already be on the table for debate.  So while this event will again be in the news all week just remember: Men and Women who are in uniform will again see only a partial payment if this mess does not get worked out by Friday. 

If the budget is not layed in; our military will still get up and wear the uniform, possibly be killed in action while their loved ones wait for a pay check or back pay.  I know from personal experience as a young enlisted -- single / without children; I had barely two nickels to rub together even before I became a married Airman let alone a six month savings built up.  When I saw the one congressional woman on the news complaining she lived pay day to pay day and needed her congressional pay check to survive on 14.5K monthly.  I wanted to climb through the screen........

If you want to know what your military members are being paid for basic pay; remember the bulk of the military are young soliders, marines, airmen, sailors who have been in less than 1 enlistment just look at the pay scale for an E1 through E5.  Then you tell me if we need to pay a congressional member as much as we do?????


I am giving our Congress and President
a personal 'Continuing Resolution,'
 I am voting all of you out in 2012 / 2014 / 2016
We need a clean slate
Still disgusted but carrying on.....


Melodie said...

You are preaching to the choir girl! I am fed up with these politicians! I hope everyone's eyes have been opened these last months and they get voted out next election!

Sharon said...

Shaking head too, it really is disgusting, I think the money train needs to stop now - on those in congress and they need to be voted out. No more pay raises for them either! This whole thing is ridiculous!

Cat said...

Well, they have it fixed, for THIS week. Husband isn't letting me watch the news right now, I am so mad, I am screaming obscenities at the tv about the charlitans that we call leaders. I think he decided enough was enough when I started spraying spittle. I support my soldiers/sailors/marines/airmen(women) and I find the idea they don't get a paycheck while the yutzes in Washington do, while snivelling about something on the order of less than 1% of the budget...

Oh, think I better quit here. I am P.O.'d so badly that it quite literally gives me a headache.


floweringmama said...

Like Cat said, I'm so mad I could spit. This is ridiculous yet we keep voting guys like this in.

On a side note, I heard on NPR the other morning that China has banned all things western in advertising and on billboards. Really makes you wonder if they've had it right all along.

John Gray said...

I love following your politics through your blog
gives me more of an insight

Texan said...

We feel the same way as far as voting out who is in now. We need a clean slate! If they are in now they need to go! We as many are totally fed up!

Nekkid Chicken said...

HEY! There Melodie, Sharon, Cat, Floweringmama, John, and Texan!

Just sick to death of all their posturing; hubby and I are voting them out. And we just escape to the yard to get away from all the bickering. Though we are personally affected but all of the politicians shenanigans. Take care, Mal