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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Painted Lady Release, Prayers For Those Affected by Tornados Yesterday

This morning we are taking advantage of the cooler weather.  We have our windows open since it will not be in the 100s for the first time in about a week.  Our hearts, minds and prayers are with friends and family affected by the storms yesterday in South East and East Coast.  I am worried for all those folks still trapped or missing in Alabama, my folks live in the area but, are safe. 

Zephyr, Saenz, and I released our Painted Lady butterflies; we waited one day because the weather was awful here with really hot temps (over 100) and high wind gusts.  We are thrilled to report four of them are now living somewhere in our yard healthy and happy. 

Our lone hold out, I am guessing by Friday or early Saturday this lone fella will be ready to join his friends.  If you double click the image; you can see its wing outline and it has grown darker like the others did. 

Zephyr learned that when butterflies rest they fold their wings together and mostly fly in daylight hours. They have to emerge head down so their wings will not have to fight gravity and dry in the proper shape for flight.  Moths on the other hand usually fly at or near night time, don't eats as adults, have no probiscus, and rest with their wings open.  Cool eh?

I will order the catepillars again next year; Zephyr is still begging for the Hissing Cockroach kit --- lets just say I am not too thrilled with the idea. LOL 
Zephyr is sporting one of his favorite shirts given to him by Mrs. Lily (thank you!).  This afternoon, I will be placing an order for his 1st multi subject curriculum from Sonlight. After Zephyr's Kindergarten graduation in May; I will give him a week off and then start his first grade lessons.  If all goes well Zephyr will be ready to start the second grade in Jan - Feb time frame 1/2 a year ahead because I am not going to slow down or hold him back.   I am only getting Saenz the core for his 7th grade year and first year Latin from Sonlight.  We already have enough science and math curriculum to carry Saenz through the 8th grade. 

Last night, I watched a new program on the History Channel called THE SHAPE OF THE STATES.  Have you seen it?  Very interesing material, I think I am going to order the book to incorporate it into our history lessons.  Did you know that the US had more than 50 states apply for statehood; for example the Republic of Franklin in what is now Tennesee and 'Deseret (Utah)' was not sucessful in joining the union? I knew about common wealth of Puerto Rico and D.C. 

Makes you go hum doesn't it?


Sharon said...

How very cool, I haven't seen any come "out"! Has to be very interesting for the whole family!

Hearing more and more about the damages from the tornadoes yesterday, it's just plain scary!

Judy's Corner said...

Hey Mal,

Looks like you are having much fun with the home schooling! I saw that program a year or so ago, and also found it interesting (the shape of the states).

Weather has been unbelievable this year...from freezing to the 90's in a week, and tornadoes in places that never see tornadoes. Scary!

Melodie said...

We were just talking tonight about how we like that show Shape of the States!

emajen333 said...

Busted!! You're running a MOTH-LAB!!!

Rooster613 said...

My heart goes out to the vicitims of those tornados, too -- another case of the Jet Stream dipping too far south as it has been doing all winter.

RE: Moths, only SOME moths have no proboscis, namely the big silk moth family such as Luna, Cecropia, Polyphemus, etc. But the Sphinx moth family have a very long proboscis, they feed on nectar at dusk and are often mistaken for hummingbirds. And the Hummingbird Sphinx flies in the daytime!

Shashank said...

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