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Monday, September 21, 2009


I have been following the female track stars story. Just how humiliating it must be to walk in her shoes these days. Folks passing judgments about appearance or guessing as to which sex organs her body houses. Then I found the following article on Hida, it was well written and informative.


Personally, I am of the ‘Live and Let Live,’ motto. It is not my business to be looking between a person knees to determine their role, worth, or any other delineating factor. I also want to pass on a book recommendation which I absolutely adore dealing with this subject: “Middlesex” Eugenides which a Pulitzer Prize.

Thoughts from inside the coop………

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kybunker said...

MAL I'll check out the book, It is quite amazing how the media determines our worth by what sex we are!
By the way, Hand me my penis please, I have to take out the trash.