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Thursday, September 10, 2009

09-09-09 Obama's Speech, my thoughts

After writing my own senators

Posted Sep-10-09 08:06:34 PDT

I am not the 'gate keeper, judge, or jury' to disallow those without insurance / medical care. What bothers me with this debate is, while I know there are people who abuse the health care system there are 5 major health care insurers who BILK the American public to death & deny coverage.

WHILE there are some DISHONEST folks who elect not to have coverage and use the ER for their needs. False claim forms and so on and so forth. (but that is on a case by case or individual occurance.)

I also know from growing up UNINSURED through no fault of my own mother; medical care is outrageous for those without a health care plan. I also know and watched a close friend of mine DIE from breast cancer because she had no money. My own mother almost died in 2004 after a lengthy hospitalization due to an infection in her pancreas (sp) -- she is still uninsured -- she has a 'pre-existing' condition.

So, if you chose to support those in need of medical care you can let your congressional members know by signing this letter found here:



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