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Friday, September 25, 2009

My Journey with couponing

This is a repost from BIG TENT thanks to Ms. Lori for telling me about HOW TO SHOP FOR FREE and I joined last month:



Just testing this thing out...............

tap tap tap -- Is this thing on? LOL

Anyway thanks to all the information. I have learned oodles of things lurking in my email. I can report starting on 1 October, I will be posting a spreadsheet with what I spent and showing what I have saved using Coupons, Rebates and Sales (while stockpiling).

My only options is to drive to Beeville, 23 miles one way to HEB or Super Walmart. Super S while doubling coupons are approximately 35% more pricer than the local large chains. I am still learning the ropes of Walgreens and don't have access to other drug stores. So, my goal is to cut my bill down in half again.

We were spending $200 a week and I have gotten that down to about $100. In three weeks since joining, I have created a baseball card binder with over 150 sheets (9 coupons ea page) collections for my use.

Thanks again for all the ideas and such,

Very Respectfully,

along with Hubby, Saenz (11) and Zephyr (5),
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