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Saturday, September 5, 2009

USA is making me cry

I have been sitting back for awhile on a media fast. The reason is quite simple, nothing glorious or uplifting.

This week's outcry over President Obama giving a speech to our children through televised feeds into their school should not be a problem.

Listening to some of the interviews of PARENTS AGAINST OBAMA made me realize RACISM is still alive an well in America. Seriously, the media just interviewed folks who have no apparent reasoning skills but instead chooses to highlight those of traditional backgrounds that do not embrace ethnic diversity.

This morning, I was teary eyed as I watched these interviews; I thought to myself --- 'the masses' have be tele-prompted / spoon fed into action by others (big corporate America) with financial axes to grind against the President's Healthcare plan.

This is what I served my country for?

This is what America is about?

Really, for one thing Mr. Obama has been taking massive amounts of mud slinging since taking on his role. YOU CAN SEE IT in his face and demeanor. His message to our children is simple: work, continue your education, bring your political awareness of the world to light and, help those who can not help themselves.

NOW, I sucked in my displeasure with former President George Bush for eight years.


Because it was in my job description. YES, active duty are allowed to not vote for someone but, to voice DISAGREEMENTS to the press could be construed as inflammatory towards a leader and this act is forbidden and punishable by the UCMJ.

Even though I disagreed with the 'MAN' Bush, I respected his office and spoke of his and Laura's efforts to better our school systems with the NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND law. YES, several presidents have spoken to America's children in their schools before without some disharmony but not to the extent that President Obama has had to endure.

America, Please educate your children about the world around them. Do not shield them from the world outside. Teach them how our country works, double standards based on money, lack of education, or place of birth. Raise your children up to be charitable souls instead of small minded people who can not see when others need a hand up.


Thoughts from inside the coop.....

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