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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

YEAH! We Have Success

Whelpers! I am stoked and relieved.  We bought a 14' x 30' pre-fab shed type building.  It is nice and will need work inside to make one side a 'home' for Lisa or MAN CAVE for hubby when he gets in trouble. The other side will be for hubby's tools and man thangs. LOL  The building will be delivered and set up on blocks, with skids, and a cement pad to include the wiring that has already been added and extra wide door.   And guess what?

We used a personal check ---- no problem. 

 I am extra happy because we are picking up a stray dog named Savannah.  She is part dachsund / beagle and lived at the place we did business.  She is a beautiful little dog and she needs lots of attention.  She even sucked up to me a little and whined begging to come home with us.   Saenz and Zephyr are just beside themselves.  I will pick up the pooch tomorrow but, today is way too wet to have a muddy mutt in hubby's car.  It's been a long time since the boys had a pet.  We have already gotten her supplies and food.  Next set up a vet appt because we have no history on Savannah other than she has been hit by a car.

Now I will leave Ya'll with some really funny but politically incorrect cartoons. 

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Sharon said...

Way to go. Girl! Yeah! I am so jealous, I want one.... for a "Sharon Cave"! I hope you got a good price, wired on one side you say? WOW, perfect!

Aw... you got a dog! You will have to post pictures when you get her home and cleaned up. I imagine the boys are really stoked! Lovely name - Savannah.