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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Is Anyone Else Losing Their Confidence?

As you know, I follow politics and vote regularly in local, state and federal elections.  This year though, I am not sure of whom to vote.  I will be voting against Governor Perry -- the man is just a glimmering shuckster with his hands full of tax payer money while picking pockets of the poor.  Mind you I don't enjoy my choices at all and am unsure of Mr. White (D) as his replacement.  (I so celebrated when Hutchinson lost against Perry in the governor runoff this passed spring.)

I am just wondering.  Does anyone feel confident in our leaders anymore?  I sure don't and would wipe out the entire lot from President down to say the major of our town.  Especially after following all the mess in Bell California, Arizona, Health Care, BP Oil Spill, the lack of border security, and the list of horrendous management never ends. 

By the way, I am not a Democrat, Republican nor any truly declared party.  So what does that make me? Independent ----- I don't know about that label either.  What I do know is; America has lost her core values which believe it or not was founded on Christian (Christianesque) principles.  I have a hard time reconciling my beliefs in:

Community service
HARD work
Self worth, Self disciplined,
Just behavior
Willingness to learn

When all I see is folks that are supposed to represent the best of us as our leaders lining their own pockets.  It is so hard to explain to my sons how those folks are being paid well for screwing up not only our present but our future as well.  Sometimes, I just want to fence in our little five acres and shut the world out.  Then again, is this the best way? I don't believe so ---- we have to equip our children in how to deal with a DISHONEST world when they are not.  I so hate mixed messages yet, it has become the normal for American society. 

Just thinking outloud,

Lisa is coming back home Today.  I will be picking up our newly adopted Savannah. I will post pictures of our Prodigal Daughter with her new four legged sister later.   Scratch that, just found out, Savannah kills small animals.  So, we will be going to the pound later in George West. 


Theladywhotalkstorocks said...

Well, on that note, I have to say, we've all learned that to get anything done or saved in our own lifes, it's a matter of taking it in our own hands and MAKING THE WRONG RIGHT.
When It comes to government, what can you do but hope that the elected official still holds the passion and commitment they had when they decided they wanted to make the crooked accountable and not fall into the same path.

Watched Glen beck for the first time in a while, WoW.
Then the whole FOX and CNN battle over who's more crooked...
Of course we have to stay updated on the Tiger Woods events..
Meanwhile,, Where's the sanity..

Ratings count, they all do what they think is going to make them popular with a few circles, but forgetting that This Is America and we'd like to see some security here. Not why Lindsay is in jail again....

Confidence is not a word I can link with anything in the news or in the white house updates (being reported)

That's why I have You!

Sharon said...

I haven't had confidence in our leaders in a long, long, LONG time. Even when this guy or that has a good record, talks the good talk, and walks the good walk - soon as they are seated... POOF!

It's all gone.......

Melodie said...

I have no confidence in our political leaders...I think their records speak for themselves...and that is only the stuff the public has found out about...I keep hoping people will get enough and a wave of good old fashioned American values will sweep across our national politics...hey a gal can always dream right?

Cat said...

I don't know. I think some of the problem isn't so much in one person, but in the systems that they must work with. When you can just go, and do, things get done. When you have to get approval from a, cosigned by b, general acceptance by c, and so on until you reach double z, you tend to have more problems getting ANYTHING done, let alone concensus. I think some politicians are good, fair minded people. I think some politicians are idiots of the highest order. Just like any other group. So, I don't know if I have not lost confidence, so much as, I am dissapointed in the way our rules and laws have painted us into a corner.

My 2 cents.

John Gray jgsheffield@hotmail.com said...

run for the senate
I would vote for u

Barbara said...

Ditto on what Melodie said, I think some of the fair minded politicians keep plugging along for those of us who support what they are doing to get knocked back a step or two by all the others they have to go up against to get a ruling of the majority. Yes, it can be discouraging and I think much of the youth in America has given up and lost hope.

Texan said...

Does anyone feel confident in our leaders anymore? I sure don't and would wipe out the entire lot from President down to say the major of our town.

Girly my honeyman says the same exact thing. We need a clean slate all the way down from the top. I have to agree.

By the way, I am not a Democrat, Republican nor any truly declared party. So what does that make me? Independent ----- I don't know about that label either. What I do know is; America has lost her core values

DITTO ... we don't have a "party" we follow like blind num nums... the party system is a huge part of the problem! We just need to be all individuals voting. Why do we need labels? All we get with parties is constant bickering and blaming and nothing gets done!