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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

So Disappointed, Should I Be?

Let's just say we were going to buy from a private owner for the bungalow (hunting lodge / storage shed) and we got the loan.  It's been sitting in our account for over two weeks.  Funny how all we have to do is call the bank, get a specified amount approved, fill out the mailed or down loaded forms, and just mail them back on a 'verbal hand shake' and all is well.  Our word is our promise and the institution just follows up with the paper for legal and accounting purposes; we understand and support them after being a customer for 25 years.

Flash forward, we worked with 'Chuck' had the price agreed upon, got the moving company set up, had the date set.  When it came to pay 'Chuck' he said how do you intend to pay.  We had not thought of it and just said 'BY CHECK.' 

Chuck then started this long story of how he was slammed by a thief for 3 grand and he would not accept our personal check.  Normally, this can be handled too by talking to my bank and just doing a transfer electronically.  I reasoned half up front electronically would be good since were would be taking Chuck's word for his follow through.  But, we got the no personal checks.  So, honesty only works one way (his)???????

So Nope, I told hubby.  I could not in good faith follow through with Chuck because, we were taking his word and 'hand shake.'  Not only this but, if the bungalow had issues like termites or ceiling leaks, electrical wiring defects, plumbing problems -- there was no warranty or recourse because it was a private deal.  Personally, I felt insulted and that is not a great way to end a business deal in my humble chicken opine. (My inner voice questions if I was right to feel this way.)

Today, we are travelling down the road to Kennedy to look at pre-fab buildings.  At least there, I can whip out plastic, pay for our choice, wait for delivery, find the charge on our credit card, and then I can pay for the entire balance on our credit card electronically.  We not only get 'bonus cash' back but get an extended warranty.  Not bad in my way of thinking.


Sharon said...

I don't know. I would not have been happy in that situation. I do not like when someone doubts my integrity, I think passing on the "cottage small" was maybe a good choice, if he wouldn't take your check - that doesn't make sense, after all, he could have any bad check writer put in jail, maybe, like you say, it had issues that you couldn't see. Cold hard cash, you can't stop payment on, when you fall through the floor.

Melodie said...

Right on girl! That's exactly what I would have done too! Of course my husband's pet name for me is "stubborn ,hard headed, hillbilly woman"!,lol!

Barbara said...

You were so right on. I would not have done the deal either. Need proof of payment for all the reasons you mentioned. If he had a quality product with no ill intentions then he could have taken the check calling the bank. Of course he could have suggested a cashiers check.

Little Messy Missy said...

I think you made the right choice. Always trust your inner voice!!!

Sharon said...

In response to your comment on today's post - that's part of my problem, I am being me. I am picky, orderly etc. It is one of my basic faults.

Hey, I know you are busier than a cat on a stone sidewalk, but I know you will comment when you can.

Is Lisa disappointed over not getting her little house?

Theladywhotalkstorocks said...

Right on Mal!
Never pay upfront for work that may not be completed!

That's great that he didn't accept your check!

It may have been your loss!! Instead it was his loss!