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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

$45 an Hour, 3 Men Xs 5 Hrs, We Have Sucess!

Man! Let me tell you.  If you have the right tools and equipment life (work) can be exponentially easier. Hubby, Saenz and I kept watch while Butch, Jessie and Blonde dude worked to clear our land and stock pond a tad. LOL

They will be coming back in a month with a dozer to finish mowing, clear huisache, finished the stock pond  and dig it out and plus burn.  Burning is the only way to get rid of the huisache completely.  They found get this 4 water heaters, a grill, car door, oodles of barbed wire, poles, t-posts and other stuff in the stock pond and it is 3/4th of the way finished. 

Butch and Jessie busted tail while Blonde Dude was freaking hiliarious.  Every piece of equipment he touched broke down.  The bossman Butch must be related to him to keep him hired on but, he was entertaining to say the least.  We were so please with the initial amont of work that hubby asked them to come back plus tipped the boss. 

Our weather man (Dead Wrong Dale) is predicting 4 inches of rain for the coastal bend later today and tomorrow.  So ya'll enjoy!


I will put up more pictures later, after Sears delivers my new baby -- "HUSKY"!


Texan said...

Sometimes its so worth it to hire help! We do it here once in a while too! :O)

Sharon said...

Sounds like you got your money's worth! Entertainment to boot! Sometimes it's worth it to have somebody else do that type of thing!

polly's path said...

isn't it SO worth the $$ to just hire someone who knows what they are doing and has the right tools??? Especially when it is 200 degrees outside? Amen.
A few years ago we paid to have our furniture delivered to the house, even though my hubby had ALWAYS moved his stuff with his truck and was willing to make several trips to get it. It all fit in the furniture truck, and for 35 bucks they loaded it, drove to our place, unloaded it, and carried it into my rooms, placing it in the spots I picked. You can't beat that, ever! I would have paid them 10 times that, to be honest, it was so worth it.

NURA said...

beautiful garden, a car tractor, for what activities?